Microsoft 3D Builder

3D Thursday 5 – An Overview of Microsoft 3D Builder

Watcha me old muckas. Bit of a quickie bonus post for the 3D Thursday series today as I keep harping on about these free 3D design software programs and never really getting you the chance to show them.

For that there reason I have cobbled together a quick video to show you the super simple Microsoft 3D builder program in the hope that it dispells the myth that design for 3D printing has to involve complex and really hard to master software.

I reckon I’ll try and show you an actual project or two with this in future posts too if you fancy.

Oh, and pop back later as I’ve something cool to show you with a 3D pen!  

In the meantime, here is the video for your perusal.

If you have any other questions about this post then please feel free to pop them in the comments section below and I’ll do me best to answer them.

If you fancy finding out more about the 3D printing systems that I have been demonstrating on Create and Craft TV then please do click here to head over to their website.

Thanks for popping in and I’ll see you again soon.

J :)

3 thoughts on “3D Thursday 5 – An Overview of Microsoft 3D Builder

  1. This looks a very interesting programme. Can you use it to create 3D drawings & print them out for cards etc? The budget won’t permit a 3D printer, maybe a pen someday!
    Thank you for showing us how to use the programme.

    Happy crafting


  2. I’ll be interested in the bit about the 3d pen. I bought one when they first came on C & C, and guess where it still is……..I’d love the printer, but have overstretched myself a bit (more than usual) so I must use what I’ve got. x

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