My First Ever Steps in 3D Printing – Part 4 7

My First Steps in 3d Printing – Part 4

Just one more in this mini series of posts about my first steps in 3d printing – and quite a simple one too.

This one was a straight forward download and print.

The file that I chose was a ceiling tile design. I chose it as I thought that it would work well as a decoration on the top of a plain MDF box that I had laying around.

Here is the print, with a coat of primer.

My First Ever Steps in 3D Printing – Part 4 1

Really like this design. May have to print more than one.

Now, from here, the only thing that I did was to add some gilding polish very lightly so that only the contours caught the colour so not a huge amount for me to write about that.

About the only hint that I have is that I used Pinflair Glue Gel to stick the 3d print to the box. Ta-daaa!

Anyway, here’s a lovely little photo gallery.

Oh, I did coat the box base in the same primer/coloured gilding polish just to finish the design off.

Really like this one. Simple and without much effort but looking well classy – just like me?

My First Ever Steps in 3D Printing – Part 4 8

Hehe, anyway, I’d best let you crack on with your morning/day/evening and get some stuff done myself.

If you are interested in finding out more about these fabulous machines, why not head over to Create and Craft TV now.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you found this post interesting.

Will see you again soon with more of what I’ve been up to.

J :)


13 thoughts on “My First Steps in 3d Printing – Part 4

  1. Just bought the 3D printer and I just love the things you’ve done with it. Question: If I print out 6 squares can I join the separate pieces with the 3D pen and join a lid with small hinges and put the above design on the lid? I haven’t got the machine yet and my head is already spinning!!!

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  2. Hi John, have been following your 3D printing with great interest. The decorative panel is fantastic. Not sure I can justify buying one just yet but you are doing a great job twisting my arm lol!

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  3. Very effective! I am fascinated with watching the 3D printer but didn’t really see a use for one. My mind is slowly being altered – help! Liz X

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