Create and Craft TV Appearances Starting This Week

Hallo you. Just thought you may like to know that I will be popping up on Create and Craft TV again this week.

There will be two product ranges that I’ll be tackling.

The Cutterpillar range is back by popular demand for a Pick of the Week slot which kicks off at 12pm on Friday 5th May and runs through until Friday 12th May.

I will also be showing off the CoLiDo 3d Compact printer on Sunday 7th at 1pm and 7pm – very exciting!

Anyway, more on both of those later but I’ve got to get packed and get to the train station!

As ever, please check out the Create and Craft TV schedule for more information and for details of further show times.

Much love and hope to have your company.

J :)

8 thoughts on “Create and Craft TV Appearances Starting This Week

  1. Hello John Good to see back on tv Just thought I’d let you know that I clicked the link on your email for the 3D printer and everything is showing Out of Stock Lots of love Karen

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  2. I am looking forward to watching your shows. I wonder if there is enough filament in stock for you to make your very own Maisy. Have fun.

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  3. Hi John
    I had hoped to see you on TV again soon, but didn’t realise it would be so quick! Have a great few days back in Peterborough.

    I bought the Cutterpillar Glow last week and it is soooo good and I have had the Cutterpillar Pro since it first appeared on C&C. Good luck and travel safe! Lorraine x


  4. It will be great to see you back on tv. I love watching you demo, it doesnt matter what it is you always make it sound interesting. Have an amazing time.

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  5. Good luck, and enjoy your time, but I am finding that these two products are vastly over-priced, and there is no way I want a 3D printer anyway. Don’t need a light box, and have good cutters anyway, so advance apologies, John, but I won’t be buying, though I will take a look to see how good you are looking!

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  6. I do NOT need a 3d printer, or another Cutterpillar product…..but then I didn’t need the rest of the room full of stuff I’ve got either, It all found it’s own way here…….Lol. Anne x

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