Doodle Journal 3

Doodle Journal 3

A few of my friends have been bitten by the winter lurgy recently so when it came to doing a doodle, not a euphemism, it was no surprise that it inspired the overall outcome.

A curious creation to say the least. Fancy a look?

Lo, page 3 commences with an Andy Skinner mixed media stencil, a pencil and a Kuretake Real Colour Brush Pen.

Doodle Journal 3

The lurgy was then doodled in using a black gel pen. Soz, doesn’t have a brand listed on the pen otherwise I would have listed it here.

Doodle Journal 3

Just circles and dots but effective.

Some colour needed I reckon.

Whipped out the Kuretake Real Colour Brush Pens again for this one.

Grey, red and black.

*waft brushes over page in creative joy*

Doodle Journal 3

Oooo, germy!

Used a bit of black and mixed around with the grey on the corners to give it a little vignette.

Also went back to the black gel pen and gave the germs some cute little arms and legs.

Doodle Journal 3

Need to neaten the edges of the page though.

*puts thinking cap on*

Ah! White gesso. I masked the page with a spare sheet of paper and then brushed the gesso off the edge of the page.

Doodle Journal 3

Notice how the water based pens blend and shed with the gesso? Gives the edges a washed out pastel look. Didn’t know it was going to do this so defo a happy discovery!

Made a distinction between the outer and inner edges with a black Kuretake Real Colour Brush Pen.

Doodle Journal 3


Doodle Journal 3

Really love page 3 – no, not THAT page 3. I meant my page 3.

It’s a fun little doodle.

What do you think? Has anyone else started a doodle journal yet?

Oh, by the way, if you’ve had the winter wobbles, do hope that you are feeling better soon if not already :)

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to stop by and share in my little doodle.

See you again soon.

J :)

9 thoughts on “Doodle Journal 3

  1. Love love this John – hmmm….. guess what i shall be starting soon…..putting shopping gear as we speak! You inspired me again…..😀


  2. What a great piece! not sure I would even think about doing a germ doodle! Well done for thinking of it. Looking forward to your next doodle John……..maybe it could be Trump inspired….now that could be interesting!!! Lol x


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