Scan N Cut TV Appearnces On Create and Craft TV Starting Tomorrow

Good evening my lovelies. Just wanted to let you know that although I have now finished workshops until the new year I will indeed continue to be a busy boy.

I have a range of television appearances organised at Create and Craft TV involving all sorts of products so here are some details of the first set of shows that I will be doing.

The first shows that I will be appearing on are some Brother Scan N Cut Wish List Specials. The first live show is scheduled for this Wednesday 21st December at Midday and that’s a two hour show!

Nothing like breaking myself back in gently!

Included in rhe shows will be the machine and a whole bunch of accessories and USBs – for the full range, please do check out

Dont forget that Create & Craft TV are still the exclusive retailer of the Scan N Cut in the UK. This means that you get a full two year warranty included with your purchase for peace of mind.

In addition, because you’re buying from the brand of Brother you also get access to the following features for free:

  • Regular updates with new features and fixes.
  • Scan N cut Canvas – the online design tool for advanced shape editing and file conversion.
  • Type Conversion Tool – Create cutting files from any True Type fonts on your computer.

In the past I have written many blog posts and made a few videos about this range of machines so please do take a look at those.

As you may also know, I also design Cutting files for the machine which can be found over at so please do check those out too!

One final thing, if you’ve any questions or pictures, please do send them through to the studio during the shows – we’d love to hear from you :)

Anyway, enough waffling – hope to see you there :)

J :)

12 thoughts on “Scan N Cut TV Appearnces On Create and Craft TV Starting Tomorrow

  1. Hi John I would just like to thank you for your wonderful shows on the scan n cut and I made my husband watch all the shows and then when I got a big surprise on Christmas Day I got the scan n cut but I’ve not opened the box yet just afraid I may not be able to use it. I’m hoping you will be doing more demos in the new year. Hugs Debs

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  2. Hi John

    The shows were a pre Xmas treat, thank you.

    Just wanted to say merry Christmas. I hope you and Maisy are in a warm place for a day or two visiting friends and family.

    Well done for a brilliant year, to start this conversation about mental health and how ultimately crafting can help this and other illnesses is amazing. If just one person has thought differently… Either about their own health or the health of others I think that means as much as raising the huge sums you have already. You’re the star on the tree this year John in my opinion.

    I’m sorry I’ve missed so much just lately on your blog, I’ve had a rotton cold to contend with on top of the general feeling shattered and sore. Add to that a convalescing dog (who is only about 15% from top speed now thankfully so that’s one less concern) various hospital appointments to wear me out and… Well, you see where I’m going! I”m ok though, I’ll be fighting as fit as I can be soon.

    Big Xmas hugs to you and all your blog visitors. Here’s wishing you and the challenge a great 2017.

    T xxx


  3. Need to get to work on time and get home and glue myself in place for your shows. Merry Christmas John and well done to all the things you have achieved xxxx

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  4. That sounds excellent. You will be busy, is that a good busy or a bad busy? However it plays out, have a great Christmas and New Year, take care from across the Irish Sea.
    Well from me in County Down. Marie 😘


    • Got to agree john couldn’t work how to post on face book as usual having terrible panic attacks everyday lasting hours
      Be good to see your face missed you


  5. That’s great news! I’ll be watching for sure – my plan for next year (after I’ve had my hip replaced ☺) is to properly get to grips with my scan n cut. Lots I want to make ☺


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