New Scan N Cut Canvas Pattern Collection Feature

Well, two updates in as many days on the Brother Scan N Cut Canvas website – they’re coming thick and fast at the moment!

This one is about the pattern collections and how to access these through Scan N Cut Canvas.

So, there are now apparently two pattern collections either on, or coming onto the market, that contain 125 designs in each.

Traditionally these would be delivered in a physical format however in these physical products will be activation cards – you’ll be familiar with these if you’ve purchased any additional accessory from Brother for the Scan N Cut.

These cards are going to contain a unique code that you will enter into the relevant section in canvas and this will then unlock those designs for you to design with on your computer – if you want to.

Why is this good? Because it will save transferring each one individually from your machines to canvas!

As with the last update I have prepared a short video to explain where to find these in canvas and what steps you may need to take to get use the activation code.

I don’t have one of these collections at this time so can’t take you much further than that but hope you will find this useful.

Oh, I must mention that there is no way currently for these to be purchased electronically and get instant access. Soz!

Right, that’s that update – I wonder what will be next?!

Exciting isn’t it?!

Ciao for now and I will see you again soon.

J :)

19 thoughts on “New Scan N Cut Canvas Pattern Collection Feature

  1. hi been trying to get the new scan n cut collections, it says only available if you have bought premium projects which i have, but cannot get access to the codes or the cards, would appreciate any up dates. also why have they stopped their free ones ?
    thank you kath


  2. Ok, so this is a much later post than those above. I am going nuts trying to find out where I can purchase the activation code for the extra patterns on CanvasWorkspace.I’m in the UK. I have tried Create and Craft but they do not seem to have it. HELP!!!!

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