All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – At The NEC, Workshops A Go-Go and Maisy’s MOT.

November 14, 2016 — 7 Comments

Ok, on the road we go.

Well, come to a halt not the M25 more like it.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary


Oh well, I used the time effectively and caught up on some podcasts and radio shows that I had missed during the week.

Eventually I arrived at my destination and headed to bed.

The next day and it was back on the road and over to the Mulberry Bush in Berkshire.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

The Mulberry Bush is a lovely craft shop just outside of Thatcham and it was to be workshop HQ for the next two days.

Here I would meet store owner Cate Inglis and two groups of fabulous ladies who had shown an interest in using the Gelli Plates.

The workshops went well and we all did a spot of shopping in the store too – how better to spend your day?!

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

Now, I did mention that I’d been to two more counties and done three more workshops but this was only one county and two workshops – where next?

To continue onto the next page in this diary post, please click on the page numbers at the bottom of this post.

Please don’t forget that I am doing this tour in order to raise awareness of mental health issues and to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity.

If you would like to contribute and help me reach that £20k target you can do so in three ways.

  1. Make a donation on my Just Giving page.
  2. Make a donation via the Create & Craft TV website, for an additional P&P charge of £2.99 you will also be sent an official challenge postcard colouring book.
  3. Attend a workshop. To find out if there is one coming up near you, please visit the itinerary page on this blog.

7 responses to All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – At The NEC, Workshops A Go-Go and Maisy’s MOT.


    Hello John, WOW that was an exhausting post to read. I can only say that Dec 17th and your last workshop for 2016 will soon be here. Then you and Maisy can go into hibernation until 2017. See you soon Susan

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    Entertaining as ever, hope Maisie soon recovers from her operation, and your stress levels even out a bit. x

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    Hugs to you and Maisie. Hope you’ve raised loads for all your efforts :)

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    I hope Maisy made it through the MOT, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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    Really enjoyed the day at the Mulberry Bush on Saturday. Thank you John.

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    Hiya John

    Oh yes, when you don’t want the stress it’ll come in two’s or threes every time! Hey at least you get a night of a luxurious flushing loo. I sure Maisy is in good hands though and will come through just fine. You’ve had a really busy week or so, hoping NEC was successful for fundraising. Looks like the workshops have been a lot of fun and I hope the next is just as successful.

    Take care of yourself, hugs, T x

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