All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Fun In Glasgow, A Man Arrives and A Basket Full Of Happy

A wee bit behind on reporting on the goings on on the road so set yourself ready for a full on update today.

First, let me take you back a few days and tell you about my trip to Craft World in Glasgow.

All Counties Challenge Header

The day, well the day before, started as usual with preparing all of the bits and pieces for the workshop. I do giggle to myself when I use this however this laundry basket has been used on a number of occasions.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary - Glasgow

It might not be the traditional transportation for workshop supplies but look how well it all fits!

This is defo something that I am learning on the road, go with what works. It’s a simple philosophy, but if something isn’t working, why stick with it?

Anyway, enough philosophy right now, I had to get to Craft World.

Maisy and I were early so managed to get the best parking spot!

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary - Glasgow

FYI dear reader, don’t let the small-ish door deceive you about the contents of this shop – later you will see why I gasped as I walked through the door and kept accidentally ‘forgetting’ things in order to be able to go and browse the store.

First though, I had a group to meet and to share some rubber stamping techniques with.

This group were ready and on form. Unique personalities and some sharp wit made for a lively and fun workshop. We were even honoured with a man on this workshop!

I make that sounds astonishing, but it is! In the 5+ months that I have been on the road there have been just the two!

Dan, the man, even drove 3.5 hours to be with us so we were doubly honoured!

Anyway, not much space to share finished projects with you in this post as I wanted to share some snaps of the store.

Honestly, this place stretches for what seems miles and has an astounding array of dies, stamps and many other types of crafts.

Take a look for yourself …

The staff are amazingly friendly, passionate and helpful too – this wasn’t the reason that I accidentally filled a basket full of stuff, it’s just because I’m a craft addict and have no shame in that, lol!

I am sure that you can relate to that, right?!

Anyway, before I emptied my bank account into the till it was time to say thank you and au Revoir to the lovely group – bye for now ladies, and Dan!

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary - Glasgow

Maisy even got her bum into this one. To be honest, she’s filthy from driving around in the rain etc so she’s a little shy and self conscious so I’m surprised that she didn’t run and hide.

If you would like to check out the store, please do head over to the Craft World website for more information on products, opening hours and other workshops.

So, the Scottish leg of the tour is up and running. Two more workshops were planned for this week, hence the reason that I am late with blog posts and email responses.

Next, it was off to Aberdeen … Join me here later for what happened next.

Please don’t forget that I am doing this tour I order to raise awareness of mental health issues and to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity.

If you would like to contribute and help me reach that £20k target you can do so in three ways.

  1. Make donation on my Just Giving page.
  2. Make a donation via the Create & Craft TV website, for an additional P&P charge of £2.99 you will also be sent an official challenge postcard colouring book.
  3. Attend a workshop. To find out if there is one coming up near you, please visit the itinerary page on this blog.

Many thanks for all of the contributions so far!

Bye for now.

J :)

9 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Fun In Glasgow, A Man Arrives and A Basket Full Of Happy

  1. I wish I had known you were coming to Craft World so that I could have booked a place to join you. Craft World is such a fab shop and the staff are fantastic, I have been shopping there since it was just a wee shop in Johnstone


  2. Nice to see some lovely pictures of my local Craft Store. I really did want to join your workshop but just couldn’t get time off work. I wholeheartedly agree with your comments on the store and the wonderful staff there. They are all so helpful, and can take you to exactly what product you are looking for. That’s a great feat, as you saw for yourself how big Craft World is and how much stock they carry. Good luck on the remainder of your travels and fingers crossed you surpass your target xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think your purchases were closer to filling a trolley than the basket you tried to squeeze it all in to lol. It was an honour to have you in the store and I know I speak on behalf of all our attendees when I say Thank You. Just wish I’d been able to join in instead of working. Take care on the rest of your journey and I’m sure you’re going to reach your target. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi John

    Always had tremendous service from Craft World Scotland when I’ve shopped online with them. Soooo jealous of that workshop space, what there is in this area may be excellent but it is really small!

    On to part two…

    Liked by 1 person

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