Decorative Cork Tape

Friday Giveaway – Creative Duck Tape

Bit of a break from stash busting this week to offer you the chance to get something new and innovative – free!

The team at Duck Tape got in touch to let me know about a range of creative products they make and to offer a couple of rolls to giveaway.

So, what’s up for grabs?

Chalkboard Tape

Create chalk labels effortlessly with Duck Chalkboard Tape! Simply break off the perfect amount of tape for your purpose and use it to label, decorate and more! The self-adhesive tape will stick across your items to give you a chalkboard surface on which to write any message you like.

Add to jars for the perfect, rustic chic label that you’ll be able to change when your contents switch. It’s a traditional black chalkboard style that measures 4.7 cm in width and stretches out to 4.5 metres in length, giving you plenty of tape with which to makeover your home!

Cork Tape

Create cork effect designs effortlessly with Duck Cork Tape! Simply break off the perfect amount of tape for your purpose and use it to label, decorate and more! The self-adhesive tape will stick across your items to give you a cork surface to easily embellish any household item.

Add to jars, plant pots and more for rustic chic decoration. It’s a classic cork design tape that measures 4.7 cm in width and stretches out to 4.5 metres in length, giving you plenty of tape with which to makeover your home!


Now, what would you make with these? Here are a few quick ideas …

Now, how do you get hold of these?

If you can’t wait for this giveaway draw you can of course check out the full range of creative Duck Tapes at Hobbycraft or The Range (both offer international delivery options if you are not in the UK).

If you can wait, and you’d like to be in with a chance to win a roll each of chalkboard tape AND a roll of cork tape, simply tell me in the comments section below what you’d use either of these creative tapes for.

As usual all names will be lobbed in any available container, probably an old margarine tub, shuffled around and then a name picked out at random.


  • One winner will receive both a roll of chalkboard tape and a roll of cork tape.
  • Only comments made on this blog will be counted.
  • Comments must be made before midnight on Friday 14th October, 2016. The draw will take place on Saturday 15th October, 2016.
  • UK entries only (sorry international folk, this is a stipulation out of my control).
  • Winners name and address will be passed to a third party organisation in order to facilitate delivery.

Got it? Go!

Thanks for reading. Catch you all again soon.

J :)

39 thoughts on “Friday Giveaway – Creative Duck Tape

  1. I hope the old margarine tub has been washed out, John. Ha ha. I didn’t know Duck Tape could be used creatively. I will have to get some and have a go. Hope you are keeping well.


  2. I would use these lovely tapes to decorate the jars of homemade pickles and chutneys I’m making for Christmas presents this year……they will give a rustic vintage feel……we all love a bit of rustic vintage!!!


  3. Would love to win these tapes, what a great idea. I would use the chalkboard one for labeling my crafty stash and the cork one for some home decor xx


  4. What a corking little offer! 😁 I would love these for my crafty stash and if your randomator picks me I would use them in my mixed media projects.

    Well done on your challenge so far 👏


  5. This would be ideal for my craft class as we could have fun seeing who could come up with the best,funniest,craziest way to use it . Will have to buy some even if I do win .keep up the good work John


  6. think i would use the chalk board one for labelling in the kitchen and the cork one for making embellishments for my cards xx


  7. These look sooo interesting. I’m doing a craft stall next week and the blackboard one would be ideal for pricing of items and the cork one would be great against my desk as a softer edge. Thank you for sharing.


  8. Have seen lots of duck tape and the cork one but not the chalkboard one yet. They both look interesting and a great thing to win. Think I would use the cork one on a coaster and cut die cuts with it and the chalkboard one to label my die boxes. Thanks for sharing John.


  9. Both of these would be ideal on small glass jars ( chalkboard to write on and the cork for jars with tea lights in to stand on) to raise much needed funds for the pta of my local primary school at their xmas fair


  10. I shout spouse up my crafting space with both of them. So i know where i put witch crafting tool by using chalkboard and the cork as a remeber with project in witch orer to make


  11. Love these tales. I would decorate small jars or bottles to us as flower vases for wedding table centre pieces.


  12. These new products look great. I use plain duck tape on 3d projects and paint it or colour with markers, so the cork tape would be a good alternative. Blackboard tape would also be good to mark project boxes in my craft room.


  13. A long strip of cork so that the door hits that instead of the waĺl. The chalkboard……how about on the inside of your craft cupboard door so you know what is on each shelf.


  14. Strangely I have just bought a white wooden box for flowers arranging that I want to change. Either of these would be great but the cork tape would be perfect. Then I can put flowers in it or perhaps baubles ready for Christmas. I didn’t know they made so many different tapes.


  15. Both look brilliant. Think I would use the chalkboard one to label all my craft boxes! Can they be die cut?
    Hope your feeling good and keep up the good work.x


  16. I wonder if I can punch this tape or use dies on them. They are sticky back and would probably need to be attached to paper first. The width is suitable for the baby blue and, apparently 80% of Tattered Lace, Tonic, Spellbinders, etc. would be suitable. I have bought duck tape in a local DIY shops but I haven’t seen anything as interesting as this.


  17. Hi John…..hope this finds you in good health and spirits. I have not come across any of those two products so I shall have a look for them next time I am out and about. Anyway…this is a great giveaway and I would like to wish everyone who commented good luck.


  18. I’ve seen the other fancy-patterned tape but these new ones look most interesting. I’d use the chalkboard one to tape up my M-i-L’s mouth and write only nice words on it ;) ;)


  19. I’ve seen this stuff and I think it’s awesome… The things you can do with it! I’ve not seen the chalkboard or cork tape before so guess I’d get a box and frame strips of chalkboard with the cork then I’d have a box I could put stuff in, write notes on and pin stuff to!

    How you’re well John, have a good weekend everyone!

    T x


  20. I’d use the blackboard one on jars, containing cookie making ingredients & written on with a chalk pen. The jar could then be reused once the cookies are long gone. I’m not so sure about the cork tape though .. would have to think about that one . Initially I’m thinking garden shed cards ❤️


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