Creativity IS Good For Us!

Well, if you ever needed justification for that gigantic pile of craft stash making the floor boards ground, then you can let people know that science and research are starting to prove that doing something creative on a regular basis is good for our general well being.

The lovely folk at Harvey’s Fabrics sent me a fabby infographic that lists just some of the reasons. Originally designed around sewing, a lot of what is shown applies to many creative pasttimes – it’s an interesting read – and next time the OH moans, you can pop this up on your screen as the reason.

You’re welcome!

Health Benefits of Sewing
Health Benefits of Sewing by Terrys Fabrics

10 thoughts on “Creativity IS Good For Us!

  1. Can I add gardening to the list of activities. It can be as creative as making a card, or a tote bag.Have made fitted table covers and padded seats for my garden chairs, and am looking to put fabric bunting up.Have a good day John. xx


  2. Yes this is very true. Crafting of all kinds helps keep me calmer! I had a 24 hour blood pressure test once which very clearly showed greatly reduced pressure when I was crafting! even better than when I was just sitting doing nothing!

    Happy crafting everyone!


  3. Crafting does really make a difference. I was at your workshop on Saturday – afterwards I had to do mine and my Mum’s shopping, which usually makes me so tired and fed-up (health reasons). However, after I finished I met 2 friends in the store’s café. They both said that I looked calm, wide awake and happy unlike after my usual shopping trips – I am sure it was the 5-hour workshop.

    I really enjoyed it and would encourage anyone to get involved with the All Counties Craft Challenge. Keep up the good work John! Please thank Kathleen from Crafting!
    Lorraine x


  4. Crafting of any kind certainly helps to keep you calm. I often knit on long journeys as it helps to keep me calm. I really enjoy knitting and card making not sew up on the sewing tho’! Gardening was my favourite until arthritis set in my knees but I haven’t given up yet! There are ways of carrying on. I shall be letting all my friends know how therapeutic it can be. Have a lovely week John, really enjoy reading your posts. Kathy


  5. I’m being treated for a physical illness also PTSD, nothing calms me more than sewing, knitting and crochet, so i have took the plunge gone for a butterfly loom, why? Because crafting in any form, as the above states, calms us. Sharing with like minded folks too helps us feel wanted. Good one John keep it up. God bless.


    • Agreed. They should have crafting workshops for those being treated for depression. Different ‘subjects’ so that people can experience a variety of crafts. It might not work for everyone, but I think that reaching out to them and inviting them in might just give some people a different focus and could help them to get on top of what’s currently getting on top of them.

      Great idea Liz. :)

      Wishing you a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday, John. ~ Cobs. x


  6. Thankfully my OH sees clearly the benefit being creative has on my health. If I don’t create, I deteriorate, and it’s quite noticeable for all. I’ve actually got a few hints over the years that I need to go create something. Or at least go fabric shopping. 😃


  7. Makes you think doesn’t it? Have a lovely day, John. The weather is lovely so far here, hope you have the sunshine too. xx


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