Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes Stamps

Stylish Silhouettes 10

Sad to say that it’s the last in this little mini series of makes using the Stylish Silhouettes range but happy to say that it’s possibly the most colourful!

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes Stamps

Lots of techniques going on in this one – measuring, marking, stamping, masking, colouring etc.

I’ll try and be brief though.

  1. Make a grid on the front of a 7″ x 5″ card as follows.
    1. Draw five vertical lines starting at 1 inch in from the crease and spaced at quarter inch intervals.
    2. Draw five horizontal lines at 1″, 1.5″, 2.5″, 3.5″ and 4.5″ (measured from the top of the card).
  2. Stamp the ribbon at the following intersections:
    1. 1.75″ across by 1″ down.
    2. 1″ across by 1.5″ down.
    3. 2″ across by 2.5″ down.
    4. 1″ across by 3.5″ down.
    5. 1.5″ across by 4.5″ down.
  3. Make five ribbon masks using post it notes. Cut these out and apply to the stamped ribbons.
  4. Make six bauble masks using post it notes (according to which baubles you intend to use). Cut these out.
  5. Starting at the lowest ribbon, stamp a bauble and then mask it off. Move onto the next ribbon up and repeat. Repeat all the way up the design until you have stamped the uppermost bauble.
  6. Remove all masks.
  7. Leave as is or colour in – it’s up to you!

Bish, bash, bosh, job done.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes Stamps

As a final touch I added one of the sentiments to just add a little message and a some balance to the design.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes Stamps

Colourful, cheerful and Christmassy wouldn’t you say?

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes Stamps

Well, as I mentioned, this is the last of the mini series for the Stylish Silhouettes.

If I have inspired you with this mini series and you would like to get hold of any of the Stylish Silhouette range you should be able to find them on the Create and Craft TV website.

Many thanks for popping by and don’t forget to leave any comments that you have about this range or this series of posts in the comments section below.

See you again soon with some more ideas using a range of different goodies. Not sure what yet though, lol!

Bye for now.

J :)

9 thoughts on “Stylish Silhouettes 10

  1. Hi John

    Playing catch up but adore the bright colours and a great example of the masking technique (a favourite of mine).

    Oh boy… I neeeeeeeed these stamps!!!!!! Along with everything else I said I need lol…

    Hugs, T x


  2. I bought those stamps but haven’t used them yet. I love stamps but am useless at it. These have inspired me to get them out and try them. You are so talented


  3. Absolutely, breath-takingly beautiful, John!
    I’ve really enjoyed each of these cards and am so sad to see that this is the end of the ‘series’. They’ve been a total joy to experience with you.
    Thank you my blogging pal, for the enjoyment and the sharing.
    Sending squidges from my corner to yours ~ Cobs. x


  4. Quite agree Ruth! Very colourful & just right for Christmas. Well done John on this series. The deer & these baubles gets my two top votes!!
    Happy crafting


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