Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes Stamps

Stylish Silhouettes 8

Back with more Stylish Silhouettes. This time just using the stamp range that accompanies the laser cut paper shapes.

Thought this one might not be immediately obvious so have a brief step by step for you too.

First, here is the card front.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes Stamps

Simple and elegant, right?

By the way, who’s already singing the song in their head right now? Lol, you’re welcome!

Anyway, here’s a quick run down on how it was done.

Start with a 4.5 inch square of cardstock and draw a feint 3 inch circle in pencil. If you don’t have a circle template that big, the inside of a standard masking tape roll will work just as well.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouette Stamps

Next, stamp the sentiment in the middle of the circle.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouette Stamps

Using the fern branch, and using second generation stamping, make impressions at the north, south, easy and west points of the circle. Then repeat, filling in the blank bits.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouette Stamps

Then, with the small pincones, stamp out pairs of pinecones again using the N,S,E & W points and repeating to fill in the gaps.

Do this again bit this time with the teeny berries.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouette Stamps

Using a blending tool or brush, shade the corners of the square of card.

Allow to dry for a few minutes before using an eraser to gently remove the pencil line you made for the circle.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouette Stamps

Just a few layers of cardstock later and the creation is complete!

Love it? Me too!

I normally get asked where to get the products that I use so I can say that you should be able to get these stamps from the Create and Craft TV website.

Hope you enjoyed this post with the mini tut.

Couple more ideas for these stamps on the way so do pop back when you have a mo.

Bye for now.

J :)


7 thoughts on “Stylish Silhouettes 8

  1. The stamps are lovely. Got them last week, must start having a go! As Martyn Parker said the other day on Create & Craft only 17 more Fridays before Christmas!!


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