An Eye For An Unintended Eye

Hello, hello and how are you all? Have you managed any ‘me time’ this week?

Having enjoyed the doodling workshop last weekend, I have tried to make sure I have by doing a little doodling each day this week to build up a large design.

Read on and let me know what you think…

This one started out using a circular grid onto which I began drawing in a geometric border.


Looking good so far I reckon.

On the inner areas I started to get a little more creative with the outlines.


Yup, like how this is panning out.

The outlines were fairly quick to create but the most time taken was filling with doodling though – look at the hundreds of wee circles!


Like the look of this though. What do you think so far?

When it came to filling the centre I got a little stuck until I remembered that I used a Uniball Eye pen so I choose to add an eye to the centre!


Kind of a weird eye but an eye nonetheless:)

Here we go, finished. Or at least as finished as it’s going to be.


Cool isn’t it?!

I do enjoy doing these sorts of designs and someday hope to be able to tackle one on a much larger scale and have it framed – but as ever, time marches on.

Thank you again for dropping by and I do hope that you’ll come by again later this weekend for an update on the All Counties Challenge and then again next week where I have a couple of little treats for you.

Bye for now.

J :)

19 thoughts on “An Eye For An Unintended Eye

  1. Hi John

    I love it, I enjoy things like this too. Very relaxing once I stopped trying to be perfect on every tiny bit of the pattern! I’dbe way too fussy and then not enjoy the process, I’ve never done a circle because my circles look like eggs or big splats and despite the fact I’ve use templates for fashion drawing, typography and various other things including mandalas I never thought to do it for a circular zentangle (d’oh!) I’m not up to your standard though and I agree with others… Maybe auction it for mind? It deserves a lovely frame… Got to be a black frame IMO.

    I loved colouring too. Really pleased with my all counties colouring postcards. Some amazing pictures, some really do lend themselves to being tangled.

    Looking forward to this week’s diary later in the weekend, hugs to you and a loving Pat on the steering wheel for Maisy,

    T x


  2. Love it John. Just received my craft challenge colouring postcards, so I’m going to colour in one of your designs, the one with geometric squares and stars, easier than designing my own :)


  3. Hi John
    This is amazing. I hope you were completely de-stressed after you finished it. I am just the opposite as I don’t do regular, neat or organised. If I tried this even on a small scale it would be a mess and I would be tearing my hair out. I can’t even draw a straight line using a ruler. I am happier splashing lots of colour around or making flowers from die cut or punched shapes. It looks like your All Counties Crafting Road Trip is doing well.
    Be Happy
    X Chris


  4. Hi John, Love the 3D effect you have with this. Brilliant. I agree you should auction or raffle it for ‘MIND’. Well done, you’re doing extremely good on your tour.
    Happy crafting


  5. Wow, I wish I had the patience. I love the way it seems to be curved but I know it is flat!
    I would frame it as it is because it is beautiful x


  6. Wonderful, and as Jeanette says, it does look like the Olympic arena! And even in monotone in a blog, it looks 3D, sometimes concave and sometimes convex: very intriguing. I agree too with Jeanette that you should frame it, don’t wait until you do that very big professional one. Onwards and upwards, old bean!


  7. Who’s a clever boy then, it is really spectacular and I agree with Jeanette that it should be framed. If this is just a little ‘me time’ then I can’t wait to see your professional one. When you look at each stage you have to go back one because you think, I can’t remember that bit. How about you make up a book for us novices to colour in, a few pages would be enough. You have most probably got a few hanging about in Maizie, a tidy up could create more revenue for Mind. Look forward to seeing your next ‘me time’.


  8. John Love ait, not done many big pieces myself , mine have been for cards. well done you . PS did you make your grid pattern first or can that be bought somwhere?


  9. Absolutely stunning. Just watching from tape Olympic Games and it looks like the arena, as if you drew this intentionally for the games, just beautiful, looks like a dish and then looks like a plate is on a pedestal. Very clever John . This deserves to be framed, even auction it for MIND?


  10. ….brilliant! It’s beautiful and amazing how you can arrive at such point just by adding random “doodling” – another word for Zentangle – or was it the other way round, Zentangle from doodling😄…. I have done a very limited zentangling enjoying seeing where it leads to, but I seem not to have enough spare time to get “lost” in! I too am retired😉… This is the first time I have ever commented on a blog – good luck in your quest…. JackieG….


  11. Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fabulous way for some “me time”. I must give something like this a go. It will be baby steps until I can get to your level, but what a journey. Keep on creating.


  12. Well, John, this knocks my small attempt at keeping doodling after the workshop into a cocked hat! Thanks for continuing to inspire us and encouraging mindfulness.


  13. I love it, but I don’t know if I would have the patience these days, also of course, there seem to be less hours in the day now I’m retired. Lol. Hope everything’s going well. Anne x


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