Tag Art 2

Tag Art 2 – The Chalk Board One

Good evening! I am pleased to share with you number – of seven in the tag art mini series of blog posts.

Tag Art 2

This time around the effect on this tag was achieved with just the Tesco Luggage Tag, Black Acrylic Paint and a White Chalk Effect Inkpad.

Tag Art 2

Very straight forward to create – paint tag with black paint and allow to dry then apply white chalk inkpad through stencil.

To finish I ‘dusted’ the edges with the chalk inkpad and then tied some black satin ribbon through the tag hole.

Tag Art 2

Many thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of creativity.

See you again soon for another one.

J :)

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2 thoughts on “Tag Art 2 – The Chalk Board One

  1. Hi John

    Chalkboard effect most definitely achieved! Looks really good and reminds me that my chalk ink pads are pretty much dry and there are so nice to use. Time to shop! 😃

    Hope you’re having a good week, hugs, T x

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