Tag Art 1

Tag Art 1 – The Woody One

Having promised to share the tags that I created during the 1-2-1 session with Paul the other week I’m pleased to show you the first of a series of seven.

Tag Art 1

Very proud of how woody this one looks.

The best thing was that it actually happened quite fast and took minimal effort to create.

I used the a large luggage tag from Tescos, Jumbled Latter MIX-ables stencil from My Favourite Things, Acrylic Paint (cream and brown) and pigment inkpads (brown and black).

Tag Art 1

To create it I first applied a coating of cream acrylic paint and let dry. Brown acrylic paint was then lightly dry-brushed onto the tag and also allowed to dry.

The jumbled letters stencil was then inked through with a liberal application of the brown inkpad and then this was followed with a lighter application of the black inkpad.

Hey presto, done!

I finished the tag with some raffia ribbon to complete the rustic look.

Tag Art 1

Many thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of creativity.

See you again soon for another one.

J :)

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3 thoughts on “Tag Art 1 – The Woody One

  1. Wow!! I saw the photo and thought it was wood. Thankyou for sharing the method.
    Like Nita I’m trying to organize my craft room. At first I was going to organize my dies by manufacturers, but decided it will be more workable by type starting by organizing those that make card blanks, boxes and envelopes. Will continue with organizing “topper” dies into “topics” (florals, characters, vehicles, backgrounds, etc.)


  2. Hi John hope you have had a good day this weekend I have been trying to tidy my craft room and have some sense of order I think this is going to be a twelve month project , I found a box of cards of when I started card making over ten years ago I couldn’t believe I was so pleased with what I had done , with just a stamp and card to what I have to play with today . I really liked your tag that is one thing I haven’t done for a while ,what I love about our crafting is we can go back to it and yet bring new things with it and enjoy every step of our time doing it ,I am eenjoying doing tonics boxes at the moment sounds as if you have got a busy week ,it know it has been a short time on the road but I bet you are learning a lot and others are learning so much too ,my husband was asking me about what you are doing and he did say for a man to express his feelings in this way was a door opening for others so take care I am going into my craft room whilst Ian watches the football


  3. Hi John

    You have really made it look like an old bit of wood laminate with the letters burned in (like pyrography)- a seriously clever effect.

    Hugs, T x


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