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Stamps – Update – Oh Bum

You know those unexpected hiccups that scupper the best laid plans? Well, that.

I have been informed today that stock of stamps won’t be with me until w/c 7th March because of … well, a hiccup.

Can’t tell you how gutted I was when I heard. No one is more disappointed than I as I am super excited to see what you make with them.

It’s definitely not the position that I wanted to be in for my first stamp set launch. Not a proud day, unlike the launch day.


Anyway, onwards and upwards, at least they are still on the way – so that’s some good news at least.

There are also choices that I can offer to those that have already ordered.

  1. If you can’t wait that long and are totally disgusted and let down then you are more than welcome to cancel your order and get a full refund – I’ll completely understand, just let me know and I’ll arrange it for you.
  2. If on the other hand you’re happy to wait for a couple of weeks, forget you’ve ordered them and then have a lovely surprise turn up on your door mat then you need do nothing more. I’ll work as fast as I can as soon as I get them to get them to the post office asap!

Seriously though, please accept my sincerest apologies – if I could make them myself, I would be.

Oh, and a squishy hug and thanks for understanding.

By the way, if you’ve stumbled on this post and don’t have a clue what I am on about, you can read more about these new stamps by visiting this blog post.

Chat again soon.

J :)

43 thoughts on “Stamps – Update – Oh Bum

  1. just thought I would let you know, I received my stamps today. Stamped them all out and they look good. Hope to have a better play with them over the weekend. Thanks John, think these will be really useful little stamps. xx


  2. Happy to wait John. This isn’t the first pre-order to be delayed and it certainly won’t be the last. These things happen in life. Not too long to wait now. Thank you for keeping us updated.


  3. As I’ve only just seen the blog about the stamps I wasn’t expecting them to arrive immediately. More than happy to wait as your designs using them are very inspiring. Hope to see you on tour in the Midlands ☺


  4. Don’t tear yourself up about it, we’re all happy to wait, I’m sure. All my favourite stamps are pre-ordered, it’s part of the excitement not knowing when they will arrive and a real surprise when they do turn up, especially if you’ve forgotten you ordered them. Kim.


  5. Good things ccome to those who wait!! You didnt do it deliberatly so sit back and dont let this spoil your excitement as it is , as you say, a small hiccup.


  6. Hi John, sorry to hear about the delay in your stamps but am sure that people will be more dissapointed for you. I am sure they will be well worth waiting for, don’t worry. How much is post to Spain please? They are really great stamps, well done, Hugs Jill x


    • Approx £4 for standard international or £8 for tracked/signed for international delivery.
      Both are estimated at 3-5 working day delivery (from posting date).
      If this is good for you please drop me an email (link at top of page) and I will send a PayPal payment request.
      J :)


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