The Universe 2 Preview

Binge On The Solar System

I’ve been watching a fascinating documentary series via Netflix recently about planets this week.

These things never cease to simultaneously melt my brain and inspire me.

To that end, I have been having a play in Photoshop again and working out how to build a planet.

Unsurprisingly it’s a lot more difficult than you think!

Accretion and (lots of time), they tell me, is the way to make a real one. Accretion is when lots of little bits clumping together to make a much bigger bit – a tad like my waistline.

Anyway, thought that I would share with you the result of my little Photoshop playtime.

The Universe

Those solar flares are going to cause havoc with the mobile phone satellites but they will also give us some amazing light shows in the sky :)

This scene took about an hour and a bit to put together and there were lots of layers involved in building this scene. The star field was quite easy to create but getting the blend modes right in the layers of the sun and the planet took at little working out.

Think I nailed it though, don’t you?

Now, is that a Tardis I spot whizzing past?

Hehe. Well, whilst I leave you gazing down on planet craft, I’d best crack on as there is much to do.

Hope you’re having a good day.

See you again soon.

J :)


5 thoughts on “Binge On The Solar System

  1. Hi John,My partner is an astronomer and he looked at this and was amazed if you ever want to get in touch you can,l am still waiting for you to reply about firefox Scan n Cut,why we carn’t download.


  2. Hi John I wouldn’t know where to start on such a computer programme !
    I love your picture you’ve created. It’s amazing just like the footage you get shown on news programmes as seen from the space station!
    Congrats you’ve done a fabulous job there.

    As for waistlines … mine expands and keeps expanding! Oh well.

    see you later in the year.

    Best wishes from katielou sweetlove


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