Artist Trading Card Daily - 134 - Water 1.2

Artist Trading Card (not so) Daily – 134

Here is the final in the mini series of four Artist Trading Cards featuring the elements of earth, air, fire and water.

This creation features ‘water’ as it’s theme.

This one actually developed in the small amount of time that it took to create.

It started out with an MDF ATC from Fernli designs onto which I painted a layer of sky blue acrylic paint.

That was a tad flat so a blobbed on some slightly darker blue but left it dimensional so that the brush strokes would still show up and hopefully represent ripples or waves.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 134 - Water 1.1

I then hunted through my stash of stamps and found a lovely whispy wavy design from Impression Obsession (still in it’s a packet and unused – don’t you just love that feeling of breaking open a new stamp?!)

Remembering my experiences from the air ATC earlier I chose to go with the pigment inkpad (for a lighter finish) and this time I also heat set it as I was worried that it might not dry well as it was sitting on acrylic paint.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 134 - Water 1.3

The following day I came back to it and thought that it just needed a little something so I smeared on a tiny amount of silver glitter glue to make it look as though the light was twinkling over the water.

To finish I sealed the whole thing with a coat of mail varnish.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 134 - Water 1.2

And there we are. Job done.

That also completes the little mini-series of ATCs. What do you think – did they ‘do it’ for you? Would you have done anything differently?

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below.

I’ll see you again with another blog post very soon.

J :)

7 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card (not so) Daily – 134

  1. I love this twinkling sea effect, beautiful! As I have spent much of my life surrounded by the sea, but now marooned in the heart of the countryside (albeit lovely) this little atc gives me the feeling of freedom one only gets looking out to sea – wonderful John.

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