Quick Scene Stamping Video Tutorial

November 24, 2015 — 9 Comments

In October I ran a couple of scene stamping workshops using the wonderful clear stamp range from Hobby Art Ltd.

As these are now over and unlikely to return in a fixed format (unless you want to book one via my All Counties Craft challenge), I thought that it might be a nice idea to put together a quick video showing you how I went about creating one of the three scenes that were prepared for these workshops.

I have loved doing these and I’ll probably be doing some more to sell in the near future however in the meantime I hope that you enjoy the video and will create your own little cottage scenes.

Enjoy! :)

Hope you enjoyed that, here are a few more images of scenes that I have made using the Hobby Art Ltd range of stamps that I hope will inspire your own little scenes.

Craft Workshops with John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter Preview 3 Craft Workshops Preview 2 Craft Workshops Preview 1 Artist Trading Card Daily 118 Hobby Art Stamps 1 Artist Trading Card Daily 118 Hobby Art Stamps 2 Artist Trading Card Daily 116 - Hobby Art and Indigo Blu Stamps 2 Artist Trading Card Daily 116 - Hobby Art and Indigo Blu Stamps Encaustic Arts Experiments 6 Encaustic Arts Experiments 5

Many thanks for taking the time to visit/read/watch and, as ever, please feel free to leave relevant comments/questions in the comments section below.

I’ll see you again soon :)

J :)

9 responses to Quick Scene Stamping Video Tutorial


    I have a few sets of Hobby Art Stamps but not actually used them, found them a bit daunting to bee honest as to where to start, will have to give them a go now.



    Lovely Demo John, will have to try this as I have some of these stamps that I have not used yet.



    Great Video and cards John. I love Hobbyart stamps. Thanks for sharing. Jenny xx



    Love these John. Like you I wouldn’t mind living in that cottage. Love to walk through the garden gate & possibly have a cottage by the sea! But then you have created that dramatic scene! Which I think may be encaustic art. Well done. As I’ve said before I’m not a stamper but with your encouragement I might be in the future!

    Happy crafting



    Hi John
    Thanks for showing me how to do this l am not very good at trying to stamp a picture l can now keep going back and seeing how to do it.l loved them all



    Love how you used the stamps. Thats made me look at my stamps
    in different light..Again John lovely.



    Very informative and it is so well done ,I have seen the Hobby Art range before but not tried stamping with them .Did you use watercolour pencils then a brush and water to paint with them? What make did you use?


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