Craft Scene Investigation (2)

Artist Trading Card Daily 120 – Craft Scene Investigation

Do you ever head into the craft room only to discover that it’s a complete mess and you have no idea how it happened?

This happened to me recently – so I decided to get the experts in.

To be honest, they basically pointed the finger at me and told me, “Your room, your mess.”


Anyway, this totally made up event gave me inspiration for a little ATC365 make.

Craft Scene Investigation (1)

Oddly, I already had a red hand print laying around. Yes, yes I did. It was actually a print that I made after I had finished smearing red paint on the “from these hands” canvas that I detailed in recent weeks.

So, I guess you could say that I was caught red-handed? LOL! No, seriously, don’t laugh, it wasn’t that good of a joke. A crime in itself to be honest.

Anyway, over this I drew a magnifying glass and the letters CSI, which as we know usually stands for Crime Scene Investigation but on this occasion, given the carnage in the craft room, I decided to go with Craft Scene Investigation.

Craft Scene Investigation (2)

To give the magnifying glass it’s glassy shine I applied a layer of dries clear PVA glue and waited patiently for it to dry.

The rim of the magnifying glass was coloured in silver to give it the authentic detective-of-old feel.

Craft Scene Investigation (3)

And that my friends was it.

Still haven’t really gotten to the bottom of this mess, but I guess it will be down to me to tidy the lot up. *sighs*.

Listen, whoever invents a self cleaning craft room/area will be SERIOUSLY MINTED so get your thinking caps on lads and lasses…

Right, must scarper as the fuzz are after me for crimes to puns … *scarpers*

See you next tiiiiiimmmeee …

J :)

8 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily 120 – Craft Scene Investigation

  1. Oh dear – just taken a couple of photos of my craft room – even my ‘after’ pictures are rather dispiriting, but ‘before’ are truly awful. I am sure John’s craft room at it’s messiest is clearer than mine.
    I think it is because everything we crafters do, is under a bit of time pressure – glues drying, paints drying, heat embossing must be finished – and generally numerous pieces of equipment and materials for everything we do.
    Having said that – I do know where everything is and the tiniest missing item sets off a frantic search!
    Apologies for overlong post – I will keep it brief if I post in the future.


  2. Well, I’d call you a messy boy, but to be honest, you haven’t seen the mess in my craft room and dining room, especially as it’s getting near Christmas. I love the ATC, it’s inspired.
    Love and Light
    Sioux x


  3. John it’s always a good sign when your craft room is in a mess it means you are creating. Mine looks like it has been ransacked lovely.


  4. Love the idea of this John. I just wonder how it came into your brain. It will be interesting to know.

    All the very best.



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