Scan N Cut Canvas – Removing Cut Lines To Create Flaps

Hello all :) Wel,, I’ve had a couple of questions about removing cut lines in the Scan N Cut Canvas design suite recently so I thought that it might be easier to show this one, rather than to type it out – so here is a lovely little quick tip video for you.

The general gist is that folk want to create flaps or doors like those seen on advent calendars – well, it’s do-able and it’s easy. Let’s take a look…

Hope this helps with your making and creating!

See you again soon.

J :)

7 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Canvas – Removing Cut Lines To Create Flaps

  1. You post so much useful information, thank you very much, starting to get to grips with this programe now and it is all thanks to your videos :-)


  2. Thanks John. That is most helpful. I can see there is much more to this canvas programme than I thought. Will have to try it sometime as the possibilities are endless, my brain is going into over drive!!! I just need time. You seem to do so much – what it the secret? !!
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Happy crafting


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