Artist Trading Card Using Woodware Oriental Elements Stamps by Francoise Read - 89.3

Artist Trading Card Daily – 89

Hello all, me again – well, who else would it be on me blog? lol ;)

So for this mini make I thought that I would celebrate my love of a good cuppa.

One region reknowned for their tea making prowess would be the far east so when I spotted the Oriental Elements set of stamps (a recent purchase still sitting waiting to be put away) and saw the cute Geisha with a teapot and cup I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

This is what I came up with …

Artist Trading Card Using Woodware Oriental Elements Stamps by Francoise Read - 89.2

Cute isn’t it?!

So, it would be foolish of me to tell you that I started by stamping out the main character first, as you can see that.

So, let me skip to the decoration. I stamped out the image again on some left over offcuts of paper that had a cool tie-dyed blue/purple pattern on it and cut out the kimono, making sure to cut out the hole for her hand too and then glued this in place.

I added a little shade to her face with a grey alcohol marker and pink pencil.

Artist Trading Card Using Woodware Oriental Elements Stamps by Francoise Read - 89.1

The teapot and cup were then stamped onto a separate piece of cardstock and shaded/coloured, again with an alcohol pen and coloured pencil.

It was at this point that I realised that I had run out of glaze so I had to improvise as I wanted the pottery to have a glazed look.

To get around this I used some dries-clear PVA glue. Simple really, but I was panicking for a while as I wasn’t sure if I’d picked up the dries-clear or dries-white! Phew!

Artist Trading Card Using Woodware Oriental Elements Stamps by Francoise Read - 89.3

Panic over and I set to cutting out the two pieces and then glued them onto the ATC.

A couple of last touches were added with a silver fine liner pen and some gems.

And that my little beauties, was that!

What do you think? Cute or not?

It does look like a giant pot of tea – which reminds me, kettles boiled so must go and mash a cuppa.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below. Also, If you know of anyone that would appreciate reading this post, there are handy sharing icons below.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my tea obsessed creation.

I’ll see you again soon!

J :)


10 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 89

  1. Hi John

    “Cuppa tea?” A phrase oft yelled from the kitchen in WheelyBad Towers! Yelled so often even the dog knows that it’s time the humans kick back with a steaming cup of whatever they fancy and do nothing for 20 minutes, so he settles on his bed and waits for us to finish! Cute little character, and your PVA glazing was very clever!

    See you in a few minutes at your next post!

    T x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really interesting ideas – I wouldn’t have thought about stamping the image into patterned paper. Probably obvious to lots of people but I’m still learning so it’s great to get step by step instructions from you. Thanks for sharing again X


  3. Luv the idea and colours but may I ask a question? Ian relatively new to paper crafting but hopefully I am learning. I need to know what ATC s are and what their function, other than looking good, is. Sorry to trouble you. Thanks Barb

    Liked by 1 person

    • They have been going for a long time and there is lots of information on the internet already but in brief they are small creations (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches) that showcase an artist’s )or other creative’s) work. They can be traded and collected but never sold.
      Some people use them as embellishments for cards or scrapbooks. I’m doing them so that I can get a bit of creativeness into everyday without having to tackle larger projects.
      Hope this helps :)


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