Artist Trading Card Daily - 83.6

Artist Trading Card Daily – 83

Quite often I have a cup of Twinings tea on the go whilst I am working my way through this Artist Trading Card challenge – a sip or two on a Lady Grey can be quite refreshing! :)

For that reason I thought that I would see what I could do with that Artemio tag kit to celebrate that fact.

Here is what I came up with…

Artist Trading Card Daily - 83.1

I cannot tell you how much I have actually loved the finished result on this one. A lot of you have cast your favourite stick over some of my previous creations however this one, so far, has to be mine.

Oddly quite simple too!

As per the last few creations this one features a trimmed down tag from the Artemio tag set that I began working with a few posts ago. Now, before anyone gets all “fussy”, I do believe that it’s a coffee pot in the background but listen, shush.

So, I began by brushing the edges with a purpley coloured inkpad (mostly to tie it into the cardstock layers behind). For this creation I also chose to offset the layers so as not to have your standard even edges – not easy for me, being a virgo.

I then rummaged through the collection of alphabet beads and dug out all of the appropriate vowels and consonants. Sadly there were no apostrophes or blank beads so I chose to throw caution to the wind and totally ignore the appropriate use of the little blighter in “it’s”. Ooo, get me being a rebel, lol :)

Artist Trading Card Daily - 83.4

The decoration in the bottom right started with a die cut using my Nellie’s layering die set and the same pink cardstock that I used in the background.

I then stuck down one of the stickers (that I had punched a circle out of) and finished it with a smattering of Anita’s mini gems.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 83.3

And now for the cup. It was a last minute thought to be honest as up until this point I had thought that I would use a die cut or something cut from the Brother Scan N Cut however I suddenly spied my quilling set and thought that it would be brilliant if I could make a three dimensional cup full to the brim with a steamy Lady Grey.

So I set to work and this is what I came up with.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 83.2

Super sweet isn’t it?! The napkin was a folded and crumpled piece of paper that I had started to do some teabag folding with and went wrong. I thought that it looked good as a little linen cloth.

The saucer was made using a circle punch (from white cardstock) that I then carefully shaped with a ball tool.

Finally the cup was a tight coil of quilling paper that I then formed over a ball tool. The handle was made from a smaller tight coil of quilling paper and then it was stuck to the cup with PVA glue.

To fill the cup with my fave tea I pooled in some cosmic shimmer pearl PVA and then topped it off with some dries clear PVA glue. It was a little darker than I wanted, as I do like a drop of milk, however I think that the result was fab! To be fair, this looks more like builder’s brew rather than a sophisticated and refined cup if rosie-lee but hey, either is good for me :)

So there we have it. A celebration of my tea-time tipple all wrapped up in number 83 of my artist trading card challenge.

What do you think?

What’s your favourite crafting drink? Are you a coffee or tea kinda crafter?

Right, I’d best crack on, I’ve got a bite-sized brownie to down-in-one and a piping hot cup of Lady Grey to slurp. One lump or two?

Artist Trading Card Daily - 83.7

I was of course refering to sugar and not how many lumps of the brownie you wanted – sheesh! lol ;)

Just before I go, there is one thing that Lady Grey has in common with me – she’s a wrinkled old bag when she gets out of a hot bath.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 83.5

Lol! Naughty aren’t I?

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below. Also, If you know of anyone that would appreciate reading this post, there are handy sharing icons below.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my little creations.

I’ll see you again soon!

J :)


13 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 83

  1. Hi John Have been following all your atc posts . Have to say have loved the inventiveness .you are most inspiring.  Love this little cup and saucer what a great idea

    Sent from Samsung Mobile


  2. Interesting to read the Virgo bit John …… I’m a Virgo too and have trouble with putting toppers …. on the skew which I have done for a change …. Some I’ve let go, but not happily! Others I’ve just had to straighten! Strange folk aren’t we eh!

    Tea drinkers here ……. :-)

    You’re doing great John …..keep ’em comin’ ! X


  3. Hi John

    Adorable, the little cup and saucer are so clever! I’m still on the hunt for the papers and will try the craft shops in town next time I go in. The alpha beads are growing on me and may well pick some up.

    I drink coffee in the main, with or without caffeine depending on the time of day. I also love Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Green tea but if its a good old fashioned cuppa I’m afraid it’s the builders brew for me! Mr Wheelybad and I use the 2 cup bags but have a bag each! He was a builder and he has tea so strong with barely a drop of milk the spoon stands up in the mug on it’s own!!! I like a bit more milk. I’ll also drink fruit teas and I love all types of “frothy” coffee. In short I’m not fussy (been accused of that for many years lol).

    Can’t eat and craft as once I start on cake, chocolate or biscuits I can’t stop!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!


    T x


  4. I’m in awe of your quilling skills :) As for being a ‘builder’s brew’, I don’t know what sort of builders you employ but mine have never used a cup and saucer!!!!


  5. Mmm – of course I’m dieting and now I can’t think about anything other than bite size brownies!!! You naughty man! Love the offset matting and the little corner embellishment too.


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