Artist Trading Card Daily - 48.3

Artist Trading Card Daily – 49

Today’s artist trading card one was a little more of a ‘keep going love, you’ll finish it soon’ type of creation.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 48.1

This creation started with some free papers from the February issue of Making Cards Magazine. First I chose a backing paper that would form the main part of the ATC.

Then, I cut out a matching part of that paper and glazed it with Glossy Accents (the bird).

To create the lettering panels I brushed a brown distress inkpad over some white cardstock and then handwrote the sentiments with a PITT Indian Ink pen. To finish I glazed these with glossy accents and, when dry, I cropped them down with a pair of scissors.

I applied these with Pinflair glue gel in order to raise them from the background.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 48.3

To finish I added alternating dots of Creative Expression pearl PVA and glitter glue.

And there we have it. A rather shabby chic little birdy beauty.

Thank you for taking the time to visit today’s Artist Trading Card daily post – I hope that you are enjoying this series of daily posts :)

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below. Also, If you know of anyone that would appreciate reading this post, there are handy sharing icons below.

I’ll see you again tomorrow!

J :)

22 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 49

  1. Well, looks like I know what song will be going around and around in my head this morning! lol
    Weird song, though, if you listen to the lyrics, almost sinister with a happy tune ~~~ okay, getting a bit analytic now. Much better to go back look at the ATC for today {which is great} and forget all about the song!


  2. Love this style and this has jumped into the “favourites” pile. I also like glossy accents and also use it a lot and in many ways.
    Well done John -keep going – looking forward to tomorrow’s .

    Regards, Geraldine


  3. Lovely colours and content! You just go on surprising us every day! Picking up lots of tips as you explain and kindly
    share all your techniques. Thank you! x


  4. I’m awe of your ability to keep creating new things every day John, and I love this one – but: well I hate to point this out, but – birds go “cheEp”, whereas milk, for instance, is cheAp. Or is your card a play on words and I’ve missed the pun?! Sorry! Hugs.


  5. John, just how do you manage to come up with such great and totally different ideas for these ATCs every single day, as well as work etc? I wonder how long it will be before you regret doing this daily blog but hope that you manage to continue with it. I am learning so very much and find you all-inspiring. I’ve tried quite a lot of your techniques and am learning all the time so please try and keep up with your challenge. X


  6. There was a song from Middle of the Road in 1970 called Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap.
    Once upon a time…. when I was young :-)
    It’s a really pretty card you made.


  7. Hiya, John, This looks to be one of your more labour intensive ATC’s in the collection so far and I love it! The colours are earthy and warm and I love the dots all around the edge. x


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