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Video Overview – Converting SVG Files Into FCM Files For The Brother Scan N Cut

By far the most frequent question that I get is related to converting SVG cutting files into FCM files so that they can be used with the Brother Scan N Cut.

In this post is a short video on how to go about this using the Brother Scan N Cut Canvas online software.


For up to date information, please use one of the following links …

If you would like to see more from me in relation to the Brother Scan N Cut CM series of machines, please check out the following links:

Blog Archive. A whole load of blog posts from the last 5 years working with this machine.
Udemy Video Workshop – a full Scan N Cut series of ad free lectures that takes you right from getting it out of the box, through the key features of the machine and beyond.
YouTube Playlist. A whole bunch of free videos.

As ever, if you have any other questions relating to this software, please feel free to pop them in the comments section below or use the contact me page to email me directly.

Many thanks for watching!

J :)

40 thoughts on “Video Overview – Converting SVG Files Into FCM Files For The Brother Scan N Cut

  1. Hi John, could you advise please. I have attempted to use canvas and followed all the instructions but when I name a file and right click to enter the file to change to fcm I get a message saying “this function is not available. The ScanNCut online setting must be specified”. There is no image of the scanNcut with the flash drive in the tracing box. Do you know how to specify the online setting for the ScanNCut? as when I import files to word it all gobbledegook! Thanks, Patricia


    • The export settings have changed. You’ll need to have a look at my video that shows the update to canvas.
      Alternatively check out the help file link on canvas and view the section regarding exporting as it will clarify everything for you.
      ‘Online settings’ are only relevant to the new models of the scan n cut.
      Not sure why you’d be importing to word though …


  2. Hi. Thanks for the videos. One issue I’ve noticed with converting SVG and DXF files to the ScanNCut is if there’s any text in them. Have you figured out a way around this, or do I have to use the old route of importing it as an image?


      • Every time I try to convert a SVG or DXF file in the ScanNCut software, it doesn’t work and I get an error message if I have any text in the file.

        I found this out by chance by trying to get more fonts in the ScanNCut.


      • I tried converting a single word that I’d written in both AutoCad, that I saved as a DXF, as well as in InVue, that I saved as an SVG file. Neither of them were large files. The only thing in them was a single word.
        Trying to convert another SVG file, that I downloaded online, which had some text in it, I ran into the same problem.


      • The error code is ErrS09 for both the DXF as well as the SVG file. The DXF is 218kb and the SVG 2kb big.


      • This is odd as that error code suggests that the files are in a format other than SVG.
        I don’t know a huge amount about this however I believe there are different versions of svg files.
        Two things to try –
        1. Download one of my SVG files and try that.
        2. When exporting your own designs, look for options and try various combinations.
        Let me know how you get on.


      • The strange thing is, that I’ve transferred other svg and dxf files that I created with the same programs and didn’t have a problem, as long as there wasn’t any text in it. The moment I have any text, it doesn’t work anymore. The only thing I haven’t been able to try is exploding the text in the AutoCad program, because the one I have doesn’t support that function.


      • So, in other words I might as well just start out in paint and write the text in the font at a large scale, so it’ll be easier for the Canvas to pick up the lines, and bring it in as a picture. And if it’s a downloaded file delete the text first and add it as a second step via graphics. Putsy, but it works.
        If at some point you do figure out how to make the text transfer with SVG work, I’d be endlessly grateful.


      • Not what I’m suggesting. Svg formats vary from software to software. The export options are key. Svg will also give you best quality cutting as JPEG pixelated so therefore you may not get clean lines.


      • I tried that out and ended up with a very interesting result. You see, it saved the picture with no distance from the text to the outside of the image. So, when I loaded in the text, I got a rectangle with the text cut out of it. So, I tried the same with text on two layers. The bottom layer had the bottom of all the letters free and the distance between the letters as individual lines, so you could easily use this to solve your single issue in your half-cut blog entry for the ScanNCut by mixing it with what you’ve already got.
        To get the text otherwise, I’d probably have to go into a photo editing program and add a bit of a border around the text, which would lead me to starting with Paint from the start again. Since, as long as I put in the text and not resize it, doesn’t change the resolution, and if I have it big enough, it’s a good enough resolution for the ScanNCut software to pick it up.


  3. Hi John. Great video, but I still cant down load some files onto Canvas as they always come up as Error this file cannot be used. These are Files that Mel has demonstrated on Create and Craft. I have tried many free files but most will not download. Please please help Gerry

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  4. Thank you John so much for these videos, I have a learning problem but following your videos is very easy, so thank you so much. Keep more coming.

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  5. Thanks so much. Very easy to follow & lots of info that I didn’t know (like what a SVG file is). I’m going to look at your other scanNcut videos now.

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  6. Hi John, I have been following your blogs for a while now and appreciate the help you and Mel give us, the one thing I can’t seem to do is access BSC Canvas correctly. I followed your recent video but when I log onto the Canvas web site my page is not the same as yours. I am enclosing a screen grab of my page. Would you please take a look and let me know what I am doing wrong. I hope this attachment arrives ok. Mmany thanks, regards Pat Collins


  7. Thankyou John the video was very helpful. Only just got the scan n cut and it needs updating, its at 1.10. When I attempt to download the upgrade file, it will not open because I get a message saying windows does not support UDF files. Is it necessary to open it on the computer, or can I just copy the unopened file to usb and export it to the scan n cut. If not can you advise how to resolve this problem please.
    Thanks Ina


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