Balsam Hill Christmas Tree - 4

Christmas Sign Off

Well, I’ve just wrapped up on my last live TV show before Christmas, the tree is finally complete and I’m just about ready for the big day so I thought that it would be an opportune moment to pop a quick post on here before heading away from the internet for a few days.

First up, as you know, I have been popping quick snippets of handmade Christmas tree decorations on the blog over the last month or so but as yet haven’t shown you the fully decorated tree.

This is because I literally only got it finished yesterday! Lol.

Well, here she is!

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree - 1

There was a bit of a fight between the “kids” for the top spot …

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree - 2 Balsam Hill Christmas Tree - 3

… but all worked out happily in the end …

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree - 4


Anyway, it’s definitely got an eclectic (randomly happy) feel to it with some of this and a bit of that.

I decided to go without additional tinsel etc this time so that the handmade pieces could take centre stage and so that I could see the loveliness of my first ever Christmas tree. I did however add a few shop bought bits and bobs, but it’s mostly handmade – which was my goal for this year.

Each time I look at it I feel quite proud of what I have achieved here (especially given the time that I gave myself to do it in – fool!) and I hope that you have enjoyed following the journey in the previous posts.

Next year I think that I might pick a colour theme, or style, and try and make things a bit more in advance, that way I will have the time to truly enjoy making them and have more time to enjoy looking at them on the tree.

If you’ve missed any of the Christmas make posts, I thought it might be nice to collate them all into one place so I have made a little gallery section here with all of the things that I have worked on over the last month. Feel free to browse as you do your Brussels sprout fuelled trumps (thank heavens this internet thing doesn’t have smell-o-vision!) or mulled wine blurred vision ;)

No wonder I’m pooped!!!

Anyway, that’s where I am up to. I’m going to head off now and finish off a few little bits – and resist eating the chocolates that I bought for someone else – before sitting down with a nice hot cup of tea and a quiet book.

How did your Christmas plans work out? Did you get everything done that you wanted to? Are you ready – or ready to drop!? lol.

Either way, I hope that you enjoy doing whatever it is that you do on Christmas Day and would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Thank you for visiting me here over the least year and I hope to see you back here on the first of January 2015 !!! (Assuming that you’re not too hungover that is).

Love and virtual hugs!

J :)

35 thoughts on “Christmas Sign Off

  1. Hi John your tree is gorgeous you have done a fantastic job. I hope you had a great Christmas. I noticed on Facebook that you aren’t feeling too well I do hope you feel better soon. Hugs Jackie

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  2. Fantastic tree with all the beautiful handmade decorations – well done John! A very Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you … many thanks for all the wonderful inspiration this year … we really do appreciate all your hard work! x

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  3. Your tree is lovely and I so enjoyed seeing what and how you made your decorations! May your Christmas be Merry and your New Year be Bright!
    Paper Hugs,

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  4. What a great family tree and each ornament with it’s own little story, don’t see this so often these days, maybe people will see the beauty of yours and be tempted to go for the homemade style themselves. Have a great Christmas and an even better New Year.

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  5. Your tree looks beautiful. The decs you have made really stand out. Sadly I have had this flu thing so lots of stuff didn’t get done. I look forward to your posts, and like you, I’ll make an early start next year. Lots of love on Christmas, have a fab time.
    Love and Light
    Sioux x x x x

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  6. wow amazing john wonderful as always. Thank you for your inspiration over this year. Loads to look forward to trying out next year. Thank you again and God Bless have an amazing day, put your feet up you deserve it. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Maria. xxx

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