Hand Made Tea Cup Tealights - 3

Handmade Tea Cup Tealights

Today’s make is a home made gift in the form of some tea cup tea-lights.

You may have noticed that I skipped a couple of days however this was a combo of being at work and having to make these tea light candles over a couple of days.

So, anyway, I’m back and the Christmas makery is still in full swing. This is what I have been up to for the last couple of days.

Hand Made Tea Cup Tealights - 3

As I mentioned, these little treat sized tea cup temptations were made up in stages so here is a quick rundown.

First I prepared the tea cups. I attached the wick to a wick holder and used a tiny amount of glue to secure these in the bottom of the cups.

Hand Made Tea Cup Tealights - 1

I then wound the wick around a chopped up kebab stick (unused sadly) and rested this on the rim of the cup.

Next I melted down the wax. I used a wax melting pot for this as it is thermostatically controlled and there was no risk of me forgetting about it and it all going horribly wrong.

The hot wax was ladled out of the urn thing and into the cups using a small stainless steel spoon.

I deliberately stopped short on the first pour as you can often get a “well” in the middle of the wax.

Hand Made Tea Cup Tealights - 2

The next day I went back to the candles and there was indeed a well in the wax around the wick. I turned the wax melting pot back on and then spooned a small amount of wax into each cup to fill the wells.

Finally I unraveled the wicks from the kebab sticks and trimmed each wick to size and hey magico presto – here they all are.

Hand Made Tea Cup Tealights - 4

I did arrange one for me too as I knew that they would be to cute to resist so here is mine lit and smelling gorgeous, (by the way, I added some black cherry fragrance to the wax when it was melting in the pot – forgot to mention that bit!).

Hand Made Tea Cup Tealights - 3

What do you think? Cut aren’t they. I may have to make a few more before Christmas as I am sure that there will be some requests after others have seen them.

I plan to wrap them in Christmassy celephone and tie that up with a bow – that’s probs easier than trying to make a box to fit. Either way I know that they will be well received.

Anyway, still more to make and time is getting short!

I hope that you are enjoying the festive season and that the rush of it all isn’t getting too much.

Many thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next time.

J :)

13 thoughts on “Handmade Tea Cup Tealights

  1. I have just done the same thing. They look lovely. Made them for Christmas presents. Yours look lovely as well. I also make pottery and have made some frilly bowls and am going to make candles in those as well.


  2. Thanks for sharing yet again. Brill idea!! Tho’ I’m not a great lover of candles – except in power cuts, which we had last week!!
    You not been around for 2 days – well I’m surprised you’re managing to share all that you do!! Where do you find the time & the energy John? There’s just not enough hours in the day for me.

    Happy Christmas crafting.


  3. This little espresso cup tea lights are just gorgeous! I am sure everybody loves them and wants one, at least.
    Why don’t you get some of the little kraft paper bags instead of cellophane as that is hard to recylce. They can be finished with a nice bow and you can stamp the names of the receipient on them or any other christmas picture. You have always so pretty ideas to make them look beautiful.
    Or if you don’t like bags then get some brown parcel wrapping which you can either personalise or stamp a christmas pattern on them. I know you have tons of stamps :-)
    Bags usually are kept and re-used, so that is very environment friendly.
    Have a lovely weekend


  4. John these are lovely. Great big smiles are in someone’s near (Christmas) future. I bet they smell absolutely divine. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Snap John! I took a break from card making today and did the very same thing with old china cups and saucers I’ve had for years. I retired recently and I’m getting back to enjoying all the things I love and never had time to do for ages. Sewing machine is next!

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