Beaded Baubles - 3

Mini Bead Based Baubles

The Christmas decoration making continues! This time I wanted to make a little something with a hint of sparkle from my bead collection.

I did however cheat a little – *gasps!*

Well, I didn’t start out with cheating in mind.

I popped open the bead boxes and discovered a half-made bracelet with some turquoise faceted beads and silver findings. Perfect!

So, all I did was separate the links of the bracelet and pop each one onto a fish-hook style earwire …

Beaded Baubles - 1

… and then dangled them from my Balsam Hill Christmas tree …

Beaded Baubles - 2

… job done!

So, they might not have been hand made specifically for the tree but they were handmade by me – so this still counts, right? Lol.

How are things going with you?

Anyway, this was just a quickie to show you these beautiful beady creations.

See you again next time!

J :)


13 thoughts on “Mini Bead Based Baubles

  1. Brill idea John. I agree with Helen James – resourceful!! I might just have a look in my jewellery box!!

    Carole Morgan.


  2. John these are fantastic. I’ve never thought of using these for the Christmas tree. Very inspired. May have to make some myself.

    All the best.



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