Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 7

Monday Mash Up – Black Lace Canvas

Sadly this post is not a tribute to the 80’s pop group that brought us classics such as Agadoo. It is instead a lovely canvas art project that I recently completed.

It began with some patterned paper and a canvas and as with last week’s canvas was a very organic project – meaning that it grew with no final design in mind.

I’m afraid that I can’t tell you who makes the paper but I did get it from my local Coleman’s stationers and it was 49p per sheet.

Lush, isn’t it?!

Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 1

To start the canvas off I used Mod Podge paper glue to adhere the paper to the canvas.

After that had dried I then roughed up the edges with a sanding block.

Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 2

To darken down the edges I applied a combination of Versacolor/Versacraft (grey and black) inkpads followed by Galeria Acrylic black paint.

Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 3

In a recent post I highlighted a few ways that I had used a Balzer Designs stencil to create a range of different finishes. I thought that that design would work well for this canvas but wanted to lighten the central area on which it would sit so I got some Galeria Acrylic white paint (heavily watered it down) and smeared around the middle of the canvas with a sponge.

I gave the whole canvas a blast of the heat gun in order to make sure that all areas were dry before I began the next bit.

For the flowers I positioned the stencil and used Perfect Medium to ink through it (with a sponge dauber) and then applied some Inkadinkado black embossing powder and heat set it with the heat gun.

After all of that fiddling, this is where I was at.

Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 4

Nice! I was quite impressed given that I had no idea where this going to go when I started.

For the final decorative elements I added some Anita’s mini pearls with dots of Pearlescent PVA from Cosmic Shimmer. The pattern was created by a gem placement template that I have had for a long time.

Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 5

At this point I felt that the black embossing was a little “matt” and didn’t have enough shine to it so I decided to add some gloss medium to sort that out and make them “pop”.

I then I also added some gems to the seed areas of the flowers.

Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 6

Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 7

Ok, it was at this point that I decided to stop. It’s a hard choice to decided when something is finished or not.

All I really thought was that there was no way that I could make this any more than it was without overdoing it. Odd for me really as I seem to be a “more is more” (which is odd really as I have always been a fan of minimal designs).

I went off to photograph the finish piece so that I could show you however when I photographed this I actually ended up photographing it upside down! I clearly was NOT paying attention, lol!

Oddly however it actually looked quite good. It has an almost halloween/spidery feel to it.

Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 10

This however it the canvas the “right” way up.Monday Mash Up - Black and White Lacey Canvas - 9

Or is it? I can’t really decide – I think that I am leaning towards the upside down way – but then I won’t bore you with my inability to choose and I should bring this post to a close.

Pretty cool isn’t it? I was very happy with the final result, especially as I had no idea that it was going to look like this when I started out, lol!

What do you think?

If you have any questions or comments about it, please feel free to use the comments section below.

Until next time, au revoir!

J :)



27 thoughts on “Monday Mash Up – Black Lace Canvas

  1. Thanks again for sharing your work with us. I’ve only ever made cards before but this posting has inspired me to think that I might be able to make something for our home. What was the gloss medium that you used to enhance the embossing?


  2. another masterpiece, I prefer the right way because I too hate spiders. It has a Rennie Mcintosh feel, I once did an embroidery of a rose and iris in that genre, gave as gifts to much acclaim. Thank you for sharing x


  3. Great Canvas John, I immediately thought it was a group of spiders maybe it was the black that sent my brain in that direction – Halloween coming soon so who knows


  4. Great canvas John – love that paper! They really do look like pretty scary spiders when it’s upside down but like you can’t decide which was is “up”……… could be one of those multi-functional pieces – turn it whichever way you feel like that day???? lol

    Karen x


  5. wow brilliant John thank you again amazing inspiration. Looks good both ways I cant decide either, maybe you could alternate over time, so many weeks one way then swap! I would anyway…


  6. Great way to use the stencil, have this in both sizes (the only stencil i have in both sizes lol)! Love the spider way up, a beautiful Gothic fun spider Halloween theme canvas. Very clever use of all products and made me smile.

    Great inspiration John! :-)


  7. Love the project John…Personally, I prefer the “right way up”, as I too am not too keen on spiders !!….but as it’s a matter of personal choice, so, which ever way pleases the viewer.
    Happy crafting, and thank you for your lovely projects.


  8. This is really beautiful. I prefer the picture the right way, as flowers – I don’t like spiders!!! (We live in the country & they can grow quite BIG here!!! Urgh!!!) thank you for sharing this project.


  9. Another fabulous canvas. Certainly looks good either way but I’m leaning towards the upside down too (although I hate spiders!!) :)


  10. Love this! I’ve got 4 small canvases that I bought recently and put aside because I couldn’t decide what to do with them. Now I think I can find something to do with them, thanks John.


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