Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - Featured Image

Monday Mash Up – A Coastal Quickie

In this post I hope to give you a brief photographic tour of a recent trip to Hunstanton and I thought that I would share with you a quick card idea that I had whilst I was pottering about on the beach.

I am sure that we all have a favourite coastal area for different reasons however I have always had a soft spot for Hunstanton on the North Norfolk coast since I was a child. Indeed we often went there as children and I continue to do so to this day.

I was lucky enough recently to have a day where I could head out there and enjoy some fresh air and some beautiful scenery. I hadn’t packed my pro camera so I just relied on my phone and was very pleased with the photographs that I came back with.

I think that some of it may have been down to luck as it was blissful weather – blue skies and a light breeze. Going out there during the week also meant that most of the place was deserted.

Anyway, first up, for those that know Hunstanton, you will probably know this view well.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Beach 3

For those that don’t it’s the pathway from the lighthouse down to the beach in Old Hunstanton.

It’s been strange to go back there in recent years as the coastal erosion has become very noticeable. In places more than six foot of cliff top has disappeared from when I first started going out there. The pathway at the edge of this area, that offers views out to sea, has had to be moved back several times.

Quite often this area is full of cars as it is also used as a car park, but as I said, I think that I got lucky this day as I was able to get an uncluttered view right down to the beach.

Just at the end of this there is a little “passage” of trees that can make you feel as though you are walking through into another world.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Beach 7

It’s really the first place where your feet come into contact with the beach for real.

You then walk out onto the beach.

There were a few people at one end of the beach however as the tide was in, there weren’t that many people down there yet so I was able to get a lovely shot of the waves breaking on the beach.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Beach 1

The sigh of the waves was wonderful and relaxing. I don’t even think that the seagulls had woken up yet, or maybe they were off having breakfast.

The beach was warm under foot.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Beach 8

Anyone seen the new Hobbit movie yet? Lol ;)

I walked along the beach, paddling as I went (*sniggers*), and then turned around to get the next image.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Beach 2

If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t think that this was North Norfolk would you?

Anyway, I got another shot of some seaweed covered rocks that I thought looked like something out of pre-history crawling out of the water.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Beach 4

After this I continued on up the beach and as the tide was heading out I was able to head further out aswell in order to get this next shot.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Beach 5

Looks a bit like a toy town doesn’t it?

Well, it’d been a fair walk and by this time I was a bit peckish so I began the walk back to the town whereupon I was presented with this view.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Beach 6

In all my years of visiting Hunstanton, I don’t think that I have ever seen it looking so pretty!

After letting out a little happy sigh I continued on into town and popped into the “new” coffee shop just up from the green.

I browsed the nibbles and spotted this little beauty!

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Cake

So I clearly ordered it, got my coffee and parked my bum down.

For those people that want to really “get away” you might also be interested to know that this was about the only place that I could get any kind of phone signal whilst pottering around the town. It was actually a nice change to reconnect with the world again and look up and around.

I got a few more shots, but the ones above where my favourites so I wanted to share them with you.

Anyway, whilst wandering about I did have an idea for a seaside themed card.

The concept was simple. A seashore related image in a group of circles with some “interest” coming out from behind the circles.

I had the usual rummage before I start a project (I’m sure that this bit takes longer than making anything) and found a paper pad from Joy! that I got a while back and thought that it would be the most appropriate starting point.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Card 1

From this I cut two squares, slightly smaller than each other – and a third from some satin cardstock – and layered them altogether.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Card 2

I then cut some tiny slivers from the papers with my guillotine (to represent some form of seaweed/reed from the beach) and stuck them to the card.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Card 3

I then used some circular dies to create some layered circles and popped them on top of the “seaweed”.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Card 4

Next, from the backing paper I fussy cut one of the starfish out, shaped him a little and then popped him into the largest circle using Pinflair Glue Gel.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Card 5

Now, you know me and gems lately. Well, I didn’t add ANY!

(I just added pearls, lol!)

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - The Card 7

And that my dear chums is that one done.

Swift, simple, done.

Well, I did say that it was a quickie, lol :)

Anyway, here are a few more shots of the finished card for your perusal.

Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - Finished Card 4
Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - Finished Card 3
Monday Mash Up - A Coastal Quickie - Finished Card 2

Ok, well that just about wraps it up for this Monday Mash Up.

I hope that you have enjoyed my little photographic tour – I hope to be able to do more soon!

Thank you for reading.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to pop them in the comments section below.

See you again next time.

J :)

37 thoughts on “Monday Mash Up – A Coastal Quickie

  1. Hi John,

    Looks like you had plenty of inspiration and it looked lovely. The cake did as well. Love the card and the idea of using some of the background for the focal image.

    Hope you enjoyed your little jaunt.

    All the best.



  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I miss being able to just pop to the coast for an hour or so now that I live in Manchester so your pictures gave me my ‘fix’!


  3. Incredible, beautiful post John. I too spent a lot of my childhood years visiting Norfolk and have such wonderful, fond memories of it. In my mid twenties I visited it again with a boyfriend and remembered the area so well that I was able to direct him to where we were going to stay without the aid of a map. Surprised the heck out of me! Strange how things seem to stick in the memory and yet we don’t realise it.

    The card is inspired, and I love the use of the pearls. Perfect accompaniment for the sea shells. They compliment the card. Great Job.

    Whilst writing John, I’m wondering if you could help me with a problem. I have some tiny, slightly domed, round, glass, flat back embellishments, in various colours (almost like the pearls you’ve used in this card, only these are made of tinted ‘see through’ glass) and I’m having the devil of a job finding a glue which will fix these babies to paper/card, but one which won’t mark the cardstock. PVA & Hot Glue seem to grab them, but once the glue has dried the little glass domes fall off virtually with no encouragement! Can you suggest anything which might work? Many thanks in advance ~ Cobs.


      • [slaps forehead] Of course! Oh, for Pete’s sake, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. What an idiot.
        Aw … Many thanks for your help John.

        [sigh] … my mum was right. I’d be dangerous if I had a brain!


  4. Wonderful views and smashing card. I wish I was as good as you taking photos. I once took a picture of my husbands new Discovery, by the time I had returned home and looked at the picture I could not believe my eyes, the car did not appear in the picture instead I have a picture of an unknown woman walking down the road with her shopping.
    Eventually I worked out that you pressed the button and had to wait whilst in auto selected the picture and settings.

    I’m even worst with my phone pictures, usually have pictures of pockets!

    Have a great day!


  5. Fabulous pics John, cheered me up no end as I’m sitting in my craft room watching C&C waiting on my mojo to kick in as it is so dull and dreary and wet outside I can’t get going! Thankyou from a miserable Carrickfergus ( that’s the weather, not me!).


  6. Good Morning! I love to see something developed from the point of inspiration! Great card! I think, sometimes, our cameras make us overwork our thoughts {I know mine does} and the spontenaity of a mobile phone changes our perspective. I don’t know what anyone else thinks about that?
    Just a quick question, if I may? I am getting in a proper kerfufle over glue. I always seem to be using the wrong thing and making a right mess. Is there somewhere to go online that would explain all the plethora of glues and sticking methods and the effect they might have on different types of card and paper stock? Thanks in advance!


  7. Thank you for such a lovely post John. The way you described it all, I felt I was there with you :-D I am lucky enough to live near some nice beaches and love it – SO relaxing. Your card is lovely, modern, fresh and the perfect reminder of a beautiful day out.


  8. I took a picture from the very same spot last Wednesday whilst on holiday in Norfolk, I agree that it is one of the most beautiful spots, along with Blakeney Quays. We had a great two weeks soaking up the clean Norfolk air, came back a day early for Summer Crafting and now sat using all my new goodies. Just yearning to go back again!


  9. Oh John what a lovely story I have visited Hunstanton it is truly a beautiful place that hasn’t been over commercialised lol love the pics and what a beautiful card are we able to get those papers lol :) love your post keep up the good work :) :) x


  10. Another masterpiece. .”Thinking out of the box” a good idea for zentangling. Off to try it out.


  11. Fabulous card – loving that paper and with the satin card you have created a divine combo. The seaweed is inspired. I bought my first ever lilo in Old Hunstanton and then had to wait three days for high tide! I’d forgotten that path but your pictures brought it all back. Wonder if our paths crossed?


  12. LOVE this post, John. Absolutely great – can we have more like this please? Fab pics, and interesting to see how the things around you inspire! ( Glad it was the beach/ coast rather than the cake, lol! ) B. x :-) x


  13. Hope you walked off those naughty calories on your return walk along the beach John, used to live in Dereham so know the area pretty well , especially Holkham beach where i used to walk my spaniel ( no longer with us.). Your tea bag packet was a success and all ready packaged with seeds ready for the local fete.


  14. Lovely summery card. Hunstanton looks lovely, I have never been, but think I will wait now until after the school holidays as I would like the views you had. Very nice.


  15. Lovely post today John, and I like the beachy card. However the cake was really calling me, think I’ll have to put the oven on and do a little baking!!


  16. Wonderful photos. I haven’t been there for quite a few years. I think that it’s time I returned. The card is lovely. I need to make a birthday card this week so I’m going to use your ideas. Thanks John.


  17. Love the card and yes that beach is lovely the pics are lovely too ..
    Makes me want to go again soon


  18. Thank you again for sharing. Nice simple card that would be suitable for lots of occasions. Love your photos as well. We have been to Hunstanton once – very pretty place, I remember all the beach huts! And of course you just have to finish off with cake!!! Looks yummy! Now I’m feeling hungry!!


  19. The photographs are lovely John, especially the walk through the trees – very magical. Love the colours on the card, and a clever way to make seaweed/reeds too. Fab design x


  20. Looks like you had a wonderfully inspiring day. I wish that I could work like that. I don’t seem to be able to come up with something unique. It’s knowing where to start, do I choose the subject first, the paper, the die, a Brother ScannCut design etc. etc………sigh. Perhaps one day!

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and look forward to them, you are so good doing this for us all.


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