Monday Mash Up – Everybody Loves Another Fairy

June 23, 2014 — 43 Comments

So, the other week when I had a little “spree” at Wee Stamps, I actually bought several fairies so I thought that I’d do another colouring/card making Monday Mash Up with another one of the designs this week.

By the way, if you didn’t catch the last “colour in a fairy” blog post from me, you can visit it here – Monday Mash Up – Everybody Loves A Fairy.

Ok, leaping straight in with the colouring on this one (as this took quite a while – several evenings in fact).

I started out with the hair as this had given me jip on the last one.

I started with the GB1.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 1

Blended in a little CT2.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 2

Added some CT4 to make the colour a little richer.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 3

Then went in with the GB3 for some deeper shadowy areas.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 4

And then some GB5 to again strengthen the shadows.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 5

Finally I blended it all in with the GB1.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 6

So, I was happy with the blending and shading but I didn’t feel that the colour was strong enough.

Having bought the Spectrum Noir pencils a while back, and used them for various colouring projects, I hadn’t yet got around to layering them on penwork as suggested by Leann Chivers.

So I had a root through the collection to find some shades that I thought would work well and chose the 021, 090 and 094 pencils and began shading. I was pretty surprised at the result to be honest.

You can see the difference that was beginning to show in the next picture.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 7

I did use the Derwent Blender pencil rather than a blending solution for the blending on this one though as there were some quite fine areas and using a blending pencils meant that I could work into all of the design.

Anyway, I carried on and this was the result when done.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 8

And here is a side by side comparison of the pens vs pens/pencils.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Hair 9

With that technique in mind I went on to colour the rest of the design.

For the flower I used the PP1, PP4 and PP5 pens followed by the 036, 040, 038 and 083 pencils.

Here is the pen part complete.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Flower 2

The next picture shows the complete flower and also me starting to work on the skin with the FS1 pen.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Skin 1

To add some depth and shade to the skin I used the FS3 pen to trace the outer edges of the skin areas.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Skin 2

I then used the 085 and 008 pencils to add a little more “tone” to the skin.

For the dress I started with the GT1 pen and added shadow areas with the BGR2 pen.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Dress 1

I then worked in to the dress with the 062, 063 and 055 pencils.

Now, at this point I got lost in my own little world listening to Radio 4 comedies of old (Navy Lark, Round The Horne, Listen To Les etc) and just colouring, so there are a few stages missing in picture form however here is a quick description of what I used and a picture of the completed colouring.

The Wings – Overall layer of IB1, followed by shading with the 065, 068 and 066 pencils.

The leaves – Overal layer of LG2 followed by shading with the 056, 058 and 047 pencils.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Complete

Being totally honest, I have to tell you that this took quite a few hours of work – in fact several evenings – but I think that you will agree, the result was worth it. It’s a great way to round off the last couple of hours of the day and relax before heading to bed.

So, with the colouring done it was time to think about the card front and how that was going to be done.

I did have in mind that I wanted my little fairy sitting in a grassy meadow looking up into a lovely summery sky, so I need to create a mask.

I initially tried to create this by tracing and silhouetting the design on some masking film and scanning it with my Brother Scan N Cut.

Here is the traced design.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Mask 1

Unfortunately, although the machine recognised the outline just fine, it really didn’t like my masking film. :(

I therefore went old school and got out the light box and some masking sheets from Inkadinkado and traced the design onto that and cut it out with scissors.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Mask 2

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Mask 3

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Mask 4

Yes, I did say that I cut it with scissors and the pic above shows a craft knife. Well, that was taken before I discovered that Inkadinkado masking sheet doesn’t like a knife being dragged through it.

Anyway, here is the mask completely cut out and stuck over my coloured design (please don’t rip it, please don’t rip it).

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Mask 5

I then went back to the Brother Scan N Cut and cut one of the built in borders, which was a grassy horizon line.

Using this as a mask I got my Perfect Spritzer out (stop sniggering) and a Meadow Green pro marker and puffed a light covering. I then added a quick spritz from a Grey Green nearer the top of the grass to give it some depth.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Grass 1

I created some cloud masks and added these to the design and then began spritzing over the sky area with a Pastel Green Pro Marker.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Clouds 1

The result was quite light.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Clouds 2

I therefore had to think a way of darkening it a little without giving myself handcramp from spritzing (no, seriously, stop giggling).

I finally decided to use some Adirondack inkpads to help so I chopped the card front down to size (as I wanted to blend the edges).

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 1

The blending foam was great for getting a nice coverage (oh, I used the Pool shade of Adirondack Brights for the colour).

I also chucked on some Lettuce and Meadow in the grassy area at the bottom, using the grassy mask again, just to tone it in with the upper area.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 2

Looks a mess now doesn’t it? Lol.

Anyway, I also used a dotted pattern stamp from See D’s Mini Deco Backgrounds to add some stippling to, and just above, the grassy area.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 3

It was then time to remove all of the masked areas and see what it looked like – I carefully peeled the masks away muttering, “please don’t rip it, please don’t rip it” – I nearly squealed when I had removed all of the masks and gazed at my little creation!

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Featured Image

Lol, yes, Fairy Funtimes all round!

After doing the completely embarassing-if-seen happy dance, I started to think about the construction of the card front.

I think that I remember wanting it simple. Lol, Yeah, that.

First was a “tiny” bit of matting and layering.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 4

And then a little more …

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 5

Ok, stop now.

All of the layers were cut using different sizes available to me on the Perfect Layers rulers.

Next I felt that it needed a little ‘something’. I liked the flower on the design and thought that it might be cool to create a three dimensional one to add to the design. I didn’t however want to do the traditional decoupage style of layers and after a good old rummage I found that I didn’t really have any dies or punches of the right shape and size.

I therefore turned to my Brother Scan N Cut again and found the perfect shape so cut it from some cardstock (that I had selected based on it’s colour match to the colouring in) and cut several different sized versions of the same shape – like so…

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 6

To give them a little dimension I did two things – colour and shape. Sounds like I’m starting up my own salon doesn’t it? lol :)

To colour I started by giving the flower a good saturating layer of the Spectrum Noir blender pen.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 7

Lol, brilliant, you can really SEE that CLEAR fluid there can’t you?!

Next I touched the tips (naughty) with the PP5 Spectrum Noir pen, or was it PP4 – um, either would have done to be fair.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 8

And to finish I gave it another good going over with the blender pen.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 9

Tip: If you’re giving this colouring method a go, please work on a spare piece of card or several layers of copy paper as the ink from the pens will bleed through the flower.

I repeated this for all of the layers.

And here they all are, lining up ready to be shaped – atteeeeention!

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 10

The shaping came courtesy of a good old rub and roll from the Tonic Studios flower forming tool set.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 11

Once shaped I stacked and stuck them all together.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 12

The rose, I thought, would look a little out of place just on it’s own so I grabbed a Martha Stewart leaf punch and then inked the leaves up with the Adirondack greens that I had used earlier.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 14

The sentiment choice was easy, and it’s all thanks to you lot.

You’ve all been so positive and kind to me of late, through Facebook, Twitter and on this little blog that, “Thank you for your friendship” (that I found in my box of sentiment stamps) was just the perfect thing.

I stamped it onto a strip of lightweight card that had been folded over.

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card 13

I did chop a triangle into each end of that to create a sort of flaggy/pennanty thing.

Anyway, I then went on to pop it altogether and piff, paff, poof! Here she be…

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card Completed

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card Completed 2

Monday Mash Up - Everybody Loves Another Fairy - Card Completed 3

Oh, yeah, forgot to say, I popped a sparkly thing from Hobby House into the rose to give it one final touch.

So, what do you reckon!?

I’m pretty proud of all of my choices on this one.

If you liked this one and want to see another “colour in a fairy” blog post from me, you can visit it here – Monday Mash Up – Everybody Loves A Fairy.

Anyway, that’s this week’s Monday Mash Up done and dusted. I hoped that you enjoyed coming on that little journey with me.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to pop them in the comments section below.

Many thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the next post.

J :)


43 responses to Monday Mash Up – Everybody Loves Another Fairy


    Absolutely brilliant so vibrant and very very fairylike…


    Fiona Sawyers June 24, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    Hi John,

    Brilliant, the effect you’ve created looks so real. I am intending to get started with colouring soon and hope to replace my pro markers with spectrum noir pens as the finish always looks good when someone else does it! Can I ask why you needed to use the pencils to add depth of colour rather than using a different shade of pen?

    Best wishes,



      The pencils add a richness and tone that the pens don’t offer on their own. If you take a look at the comparison image, you’ll probably get an idea of what I mean.

      J :)


    Chrisi anderson June 24, 2014 at 5:05 am

    Love it love it love it x
    (I mean the card) cheeky!!!!!!

    Chrisi from Darlington



    Hi John,

    Finally got around to finding your blog and so pleased I did. What a beautiful piece of colouring, a pretty stamp and a lovely card.

    I will be subscribing if I can work out how!

    I’m not always in a position to comment but I’m sure the notifications will truely brighten my day!

    Crafty hugs,

    T x

    P.S. Oh look, a tickbox underneath the comments box, easy peasy! xxx



      Welcome to the blog :) The tick box at the bottom is only for this post. If you’d like to subscribe to the blog there is a box on the side of the blog for you to enter your email address.
      Nice to have you on board
      J :)



        I am starting to play with my scanNcut a bit more but am unsure how to go about cutting my cotton fabric. Do I have to use the sticky fabric sheet? Once that sheet is on the mat is that permanent or can I take it off and reapply it? I a getting confused with various people saying you can use freezer paper and/or heat’n bond lite. Help………….please.



        There are various ways of approaching this depending on what you want to do with the fabric after you have cut it.
        To be honest, my response is going to be too long winded for the comments section here however I am planning to do a full blog post about this over the next couple of weeks so don’t despair, help is on the way.



        Thanks John I’ll look forward to your ‘cutting fabric’ blog.



    John your demos are amazing but you have surpassed yourself with this card, you are an extremely talented guy. thank you for your generosity. sheena xx



    you seem to TOP every demo you do, it is brilliant, I have had one lesson in colouring from a friend and loved it, going through many aspects of craft at the moment so your tutorials are fantastic. I was thinking about downloading it but realised I only have to go to your blog for reference. Keep it going John you must have loads of patience especially with all our requests for info and Thank You x



    Hi John. Really appreciate the time it must take you to prepare these tutorials. I treated myself to the mega bundle last week and have so far been unable to open the discs at all. Waiting on a response from CC about this. So your tutorials are brilliant as they have made me brave enough to have a go.



    Awesome card! Love the tips on coloring the hair. This is going in my permanent craft file! Thank you!



    It’s so beautiful John, well done
    Love and Light
    Sioux x


    Cathy Davidson June 23, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    How do you do it John, what a lovely piece of Art, thank you for your demos it means so much when someone takes the time to help others like you do, I have not got the Scan and Cut yet I am waiting for the next time it is on C&C but when I do I will be looking through your help tips, where did you get your fairies they look as if they area decent size to work with, well done John, I love your work, Cathy x



    Great work, I have a LOT of practice to do, keep up the encoragement xx



    Hi John, thanks for the colouring demo. I really enjoy all your tips. Would like more on scanncut I still have problems.
    Thanks for all your great demo’s.



    Love it John. Thanks for all tips



    Beautiful! Love the step by step instructions. x



    Well I think you have excelled yourself on this on e John, Don’t give it away frame it, it is fabulous.


    Bridget Gillings June 23, 2014 at 10:58 am

    Wow John, that is absolutely amazing colouring, and I think the little added bits really work and add to the overall effect. I love any fairy image. Bx



    WOW WOW WOW absolutely stunning card. Card?… It deserves a frame. Particularly after all the time & effort you have put into it. Well done. I love your blogs & looks forward to receiving notification. You give us so much inspiration.

    Happy crafting.



    I am a newby to card making and I love colouring in. I have all the spectrum noir pens and two boxes of pencils but hadn’t tried combining them yet. Definitely going to give it a try. Your work truly is a masterpiece. I really appreciate seeing the step by step instructions.



    wahouuuuuuuuuu john j’adore cette carte et votre travail est vraiment magnifique !!!
    vous avez des doigts en or !!
    je prends à chaque fois énormément de plaisir à lire vos news
    savez vous où je peux acheter le “rub and roll” ? je ne connaissais pas ce petit outil
    bon lundi et à tres bientôt



    Lovely John …your very clever …..stunning work…


    Jackie Calvert June 23, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Beautiful work John, your “step by step” is incredibly helpful. Cutting the shape with scissors… I would have made a total hash, so I’m well in awe, and recognise all too well the “please don’t rip, please don’t rip”. Happy Monday XXX



    Hi John, Just put a watermark through the lovely Wee Stamp finished image or your initials on the image as there are some people who would download the image and use it for themselves. There were issues in a DT about this happening. xx



    Absolutely fabulous John.xx



    Wow John, this is gorgeous, what a lot of work went in to it,luv Pauline x



    Loved the journey with you John. So inspiring and the pencils definitely work brilliantly with the pens. So worth all the time put in. Have a fab day xx



    John this card is fabulous l really love what you have done. I am just starting using pencils (Faber Castell Polycromas) with my Promarker pens. So your instructions are well timed and so clear. Be sure to give the card to someone who will treasure it. Thank you again for the information which l am sure will be invaluable. Crafty hugs Ann



    Absolutely brilliant. I love the stamp. I have promarkers and some of the spectrum noir pencils but haven’t really done a lot with colouring. This has inspired me to ‘have a go’. Never heard of a Derwent blender. Is this something I need?



    Wow , I wish i could colour like that, the image is stunning john.
    I like that you added the holographic mat it lifts the image really well. I cant gush enough about the design your talent is endless.



    Such hard work and such detail. Amazing. Unfortunately people don’t realise or appreciate how much time goes into making such a beautiful work of art.


    jean confused... June 23, 2014 at 8:25 am

    What a beautiful card john how clever and patient you are I bought the scan n cut when first out and used it once and since has been in cupboard as cannot get to grips with it, it frightens me to death lol



    Fabulous result John, anyone getting this card from you should be delighted (though if it was *me*, I’d not part with it!)



    John this card is amazing and I love seeing all your step by step instructions – this is my style of card that I would like to make – first I need to practice my colouring. I have pencils and copics so hopefully I will get similar results when I use both together.

    Thanks for the inspiration



    WOW John. What a work of art. Love the colouring. The pencils really make a difference. They´ll have to go on my daily increasing want list though. The flower and leaves really add an extra something. Well worth all the time and effort you put into it. Really beautiful.
    Love Val in Spain x


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