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Brother Scan N Cut – Some Useful Links, Information and Other Stuff

*please note – there is now an updated version of this list of links here*

Hello all :)

Well, both Mel and I have been overwhelmed by, and grateful for, the positive feedback from the Brother Scan N Cut shows on Create and Craft TV however there have been a lot of frequently asked questions asking for more information.

I have therefore trawled as much of the internet for you and collated a list of useful links that I hope will cover a lot of these FAQs.

Online Brother Scan N Cut Workshop

Where To Buy

If you are thinking of buying this machine, and are located in the UK, you can get your Scan N Cut machine exclusively from Create and Craft TV.create-and-craft-tv

More Info

Brother Scan N Cut Website

In honesty, a lot of commonly asked questions could be answered with a quick poke around the Brother Scan N Cut website. You can find it by visiting

User Manual

Not a common request, but probably one that a lot of you could take advantage of. It’s the instruction manual. Yes, the very one that I didn’t bother reading when I first switched on my machine! Might give you some good reading and help you understand how the machine works and what it can really do.

The user manual can be downloaded from here –

Other Documents

Want to see the other documents that are included with the bundle from Create and Craft TV? You can find them all by visiting this support area –

Scan N Cut Canvas

A lot of you have asked for a link to the Brother Scan N Cut Canvas online software so that you can start playing and designing. You can access this by visiting

You will need to sign up for a free account in order to access this. Having the machine doesn’t make a difference, you can start designing now in anticipation of when you do receive your machine. All of the designs that you make will be stored online until you want to download them.

You can transfer your images to your machine by downloading them and putting them onto a USB stick which you can then insert into the machine.

Updates for the machine are likely to be advised here also.

Final link in this section would be to the help file PDF which is located here –

Software Updates

The process for upgrading the software is listed in the instruction manual.

The software update will need to be downloaded onto a USB stick which you would then need to insert in your machine and perform the update.

According to the instruction manual, updates will be listed on the Brother Support website here –

I have a feeling that they will also be listed on the home page for the Canvas software.


Some of you asked where you could see more footage of the machine in action.

Brother have been compiling a series of promotional videos and also videos from other users and reviewers on their YouTube channel. You can access it by visiting

Social Networks

I know that a lot of you are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – and so is the Brother Scan N Cut – here are the links.

Brother Scan N Cut on Facebook –

Brother Scan N Cut on Twitter –

Brother Scan N Cut on Pinterest –


There was initially some confusion on social networks and forums about this matter. To clarify, the ownership of this machine does not change the copyrights, terms of use or angel policy of ANY other product or image that you use in conjunction with this machine.

The purpose of having the built in scanning functions is really to give you the ability to design your own so that you don’t have to just rely on things that are already out there – which is a very exciting opportunity to me.

That’s It For Now

Anyway, this should give you lots of reference points no matter what you are looking to find out.

If however you have other questions, please feel free to list them below and (when I get time) I will be sitting down for many play days with my machine and also blogging some of the test results, projects and files for download in the future.

I hope this helps.

J :)

357 thoughts on “Brother Scan N Cut – Some Useful Links, Information and Other Stuff

  1. Hi, I hope you do not mind me emailing you.

    I have had the brother scan and cut for a while now and I seem to still be struggling with the scanning side of the machine.

    For some reason I am unable to scan a sheet into the machine and get the machine to cut everything out, without being either not picked up or not straight lines. I also struggle to scan a template into the machine again without having parts of it missing or an un-straight line.

    Please can you help or shed some light on what I am able to do as at the moment I am just going round everything in black pen. Which I would rather not do, seen as I thought the machine was able to cut everything out.

    I hope you can help, I know you have lots of knowledge on the brother scan and cut and again I hope you don’t mind me emailing you.

    Thanks in advance


    • I am having the same problem. The image itself will show up in the scanner, but when it comes to recognizing the image and the outline and what have you, it doesn’t pick up but just a little bit of the image. How do I resolve this?I haven’t even used it 15 times…


  2. I am not able to access the scan n cut canvas. they told me it was my internet but that doesn’t help. I was on it last year before I got my machine but not now. have any ideas on what to do?


    • Yes, you should contact the Brother helpdesk and ask them their advice on what updates you need in order to make the Brother Scan N Cut Canvas work on your computer. If it is the “internet” (browser) they should be able to tell you what version you need.
      I hope this helps.
      J :)


      • are you trying to access Canvas through Firefox as it won’t work with that – try Safari or some other web browser instead.


  3. Hi John can you give me some advice, when I draw a design on paper then scan and cut. My brother tells me that can not cut as there is no design. Is it possible that there may be some dust in the machine which is topping the scanner from reading properly? All though I have not used my brother scanncut much.


    • There are questions that I simply can’t answer or questions that are best served being asked by an official route (brother help desk or create and craft).
      I endorse this product based on my own experiences and use of it and am still happy to assist where I can, which includes forwarding people to the most appropriate source of help.
      J :)


      • Thanks for your reply john. My point is that I am experiencing a lot of difficulties that other crafters are having and have asked questions about and am frustrated that I am having to search all different places for solutions to these problems when I’m certain you know this machine inside out. I have different cutting machines on the go eg craft robo cricut expression cricut imagine and the silhouette cameo so I am not a complete novice but would only rate two of these machines as being good. That is the silhouette cameo and the cricut expression. I have only had my machine two weeks and the latest frustration for me is that it does not detect my cutting mat and only detects some things on a page I scan. I have tried using the offset on cameo software to add outlines and this is hit and miss and I have used the cut out studio in serif to add lines of various thickness and this is also hit and miss. I have spent hours searching for info to make it as simple as you and Mel demonstrated so well on create and craft. Sorry for the rant perhaps I just need patience. I have not even tried the canvas software as none of the usb sticks I have at home are compatible and I think I need to sort out the basics first. Thanks again for the reply.


  4. Hello John. I cut a frame from one of the design on my scan n cut at a size I want. But now I am trying to cut some more frames out in the same size. I can only get the right height measurements and will not let me change the width only to cut the size I need. What am I doing wrong . I have used the simble button before to change the width only or the height only . I have not had my long and I do not really understand. I hope you can help with this problem. As I have been trying to finish my first project.regards Elaine


    • Not really enough info to help. One thought though – is the shape at the edge of the mat? The machine won’t allow you to resize past the edge.
      Feel free to email me any more info or pics.
      J :)


  5. Hi John, I am a new owner of a scanncut, I’m so excited and confused at the same time,can you tell me if there’s a dvd for beginners, it’s easier for me to understand if I look at a video than reading instructions, can’t wait to start.

    Hope you ca help me.




  6. Hi John I’ve had my Scan n Cut since it was first broadcast on Create & Craft. I’ve got on well with it and have experimented me. But unfortunately I had an accident with the machine. Whilst carrying an armful of stuff into my craft room I knocked the scan n cut off the desk. I’ve plugged it in since, and programmed it to do a project, which went well, no problem. The problem arose when I tried to load the mat. It simply will not load, it makes a horrible whirring noise and seems to just want to load on the right hand side. I’ve been on the Scan and Cut website to try to find a recommended company to have a look at it, but found nothing. As you can imagine, I am gutted as it’s rather an expensive bit of kit. I have contacted the customer care dept at C&C and they are trying to be of help, but wasn’t sure if you knew of any company I can send my machine to for repairs. I hope you can help as I’m getting a little desperate.



  7. Hi there, I have just received by BSC and am generally pleased so far but I am struggling to cut Core’dination cardstock without the cuts tearing. I am experimenting but getting frustrated. Can you assist please? Many thanks


    • Its worth doind a few simple small test cuts in order to try and get the balance between blade depth and pressure. Start low with blade depth and build up. Try to avoid adjusting pressure for cardstock unless its very thick stuff.


  8. Hello John, Just tried my first cut. Obviously something wasn’t right as the blade was making a juddering noise and didn’t cut right through the card supplied by Create and Craft. When I tried paper it stuck fast to the sheet. I have followed all the directions and just don’t know what to do now as the juddering continues. Please can you help me or let me know how to contact the right people at Brother. Many thanks


  9. Hi John,
    when I put my memory stick in my machine its says, USB media is not inserted, is this what happens when it’s not compatible. Many thanks in advance for your help, kind regards


  10. I am not getting on with this very well I learn from watching others. Are there any classes/groups in or around South Yorkshire I can attend? Sandra


  11. Hi John I am a newbie with the scan n cut machine and have watched most of the video’s online however I bought the snc machine so that I could cut out pre bought cards mainly form crafts u print, but the machine only recognises parts of the picture, I have tried putting a thin black line around the outside of the design, but to no avail, I have also cut the card up and scanned it in smaller parts but I still don’t get the whole thing to scan. some of the pics are exactly the same as in decoupage pieces but only one or two of the pics will scan. Please let me know if there is something else I should do to get the machine to scan all Many thanks Chris from Carindale QLD Australia


    • Hi Chris, The machine works best with solid shapes or outlines. Whilst it is ultimately possible to scan and cut most images, those with limited ranges of contrast will present problems. I have written a couple of blog posts about this in the past – it might be worth having a fish around the blog to see if there is any more information that I can offer.
      J :)


  12. Hi John been watching Mel over the past few days with the Brother Scan N Cut, I have had it for a while now its wonderful. The reason I am doing this post is that I can not seem to find where to contact Mel. It is a deft question but I was wondering what was the brand of the paper trimmer that she has been using over the past couple of days, it was behind the Scan N Cut and it was pink it look really good, I am desperate for a new trimmer and this look just the job, please can you find out for me. Thank you.


    • I haven’t been at work for a while. There is a link to meld blog top right of this blog and also if you type ‘Mel Heaton blog’ into google you should find her at bramwells paper dreams.


  13. Would love to know where we can buy the scan n cut books which have been on C&C today with the scan n cut. I bought the scan n cut 2 weeks ago and I did not get the books but I can not seem to buy them on their own do you know where we could possibly buy them from thank you


  14. Hi John
    I am experience very bad cuts after replacing my blade on my machine. I find that I have to turn it to a very high number to even make a unsuccessful cut on the cardboard and it is not thick at all. It also seems to tear the paper at some places. Where can I go to try and read up on what the solution to my problem can be.


  15. Hi John
    Below is what I have emailed to brother not heard anything since they return my email & gave me the link to were to send it. Just wondered what you thoughts are.

    When scanning A4 card with 13 solid black line boxes with names wrote inside, the scanner didn’t always see all the boxes. On yellow, pale blue, green & orange card it was intermittent. I had to reposition the card so then it would see the boxes to scan and then direct cut. With red card it failed to detect the boxes at all. I had to scan to save cut data, change the contrast, save it and then cut saved dated without unloading mat. the only problem with this method is that there is no option to add a cutting margin around like I had done on all my other coloured sheets. Will there be any developments in the near future to help with edge detection using red card?

    When the name boxes were cut out, these were then laminated. Out of the 30 sheets I had to do, scan direct cut only saw all the boxes on one of the sheets. For the rest, I had to keep changing the positions on the mat till it saw them. Another problem was sometimes it came up with another line through the box that wasn’t there, which meant I had to re-position again to prevent my work having extra cuts in. Occasionally, it would also pick the name out & was going to cut that instead of the box round it. For me the biggest problem is consistency. Having to re-position multiple times until it is correct at different parts of the scanner seems far to tedious. Would you be able to look into this problem for me please?

    When cutting 80g copy paper it would tear the paper in places. I had blade depth on 3, speed on 5 & pressure on -1 with the paper on standard mat really pressed down. I also tried on the low tack sheet however the paper just came off. What would you suggest for this?

    I may appear very negative about the above queries, however overall it is a fantastic piece of equipment that will save me hours cutting out things. I’m very pleased with how it cut out the laminates, very sharp clean edges that would have taken a lot longer by hand.
    Hope I have posted this in the right place as I could not see how to email you.


    • Hope you have managed to sort this now. Technical questions aren’t really my domain.
      There is an email link at the top of this blog. It’s a little envelope icon right at the top.


  16. Hi John,

    I am experiencing problems with my actual cutting, It either will not cut or it crumples the design on the card/paper never a clean cut… I am at a loss with the cutting/pressure and speed I have your spreadsheet which is a great help but I would like to learn about this I think it would help with my cutting problem.


  17. Hi John

    I now have a little time to sit with my Scan N Cut to try and come to grips with it, I have managed with the help of Youtube videos, but I am stumped with how do you make a scanned in image larger, I watched a video of the tattered lace die ( circular with reindeer) I cut it out followed the instructions with the lady demoing, then just at the crucial part she skipped pass the unify part, I managed to do this with a lot trial and error, but I cannot resize the shape now its scanned and unified, I managed to find the area on the screen to resize, it said that the shape was something like 7 inches but when I tried to cut it, it cut to the original scanned size roughly about 4″ in dia. I am going wrong somewhere but don’t know where, can you help?


    • That sounds like you’ve scanned some ‘extra bits’ at the same time. Did you use the crop handles on the scanning function to isolate the scanned image?


      • Hi John

        Yes I did, but to be honest, I am going round in the same circle as this die cut !!!!. I think I will try again for the 5th time. Do you think I am following the steps in the correct order. being a newbie I am inclined to confuse myself quite easily, I think I am fairly computer literate as I have manage Scan N Cut Canvas without too much difficulty, but when I go onto the machine itself I feel a bit lost, although the commands are not too many I am not familiar with the icons so I tend to go round in a loop, should I have been able to resize this shape to the max size for the mat, this was what I would have expected?


      • As far as I am aware, yes. But then I haven’t seen the die cut. Have you thought about saving the ungrouped scan to your USB, then bringing to the computer and looking at it in canvas? This will give you more zoom capabilities and you might be able to see better. Usually when you can’t resize it’s because of a single line.


    • Janice you need to make sure your image is in the middle of the mat to resize it. If it is against any of the edges it will not resize.


    • Is the image to be resizes in the corner of the screen? If so you will not be able to resize as there is no room for it to expand. Hope this is your solution

      Maureen F


  18. Thanks for the links. I hadn’t updated my machine so this made me aware I had an update I should (and did) install.

    Oh, you might want to mention that many USB sticks cannot be used with this machine, in fact most can’t. I learned this after purchasing ones that could not be used. There is a list, that you must check carefully as it also contains some that can’t be used, of compatible USB sticks. After a search I found the list in the “Support & Downloads” for the machine under “Manuals”.


  19. My scan n cut cm250 always misses one image on a sheet of multiple images. They are all outlined with a sharpie marker. What am I doing wrong?


    • Hello to you in America :) it’s good to meet you.
      It’s difficult to try and gauge that from a written description. Please can you email me a picture of what you are trying to scan?


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