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Brother Scan n Cut – Fussy Cutting

After the last two amazing features, the fussy cutting might seem a little tame however don’t underestimate this amazing helping hand! I can see many uses for this one.

The “Fussy Cutting” function which helps you cut exactly the area of the cardstock or material that you want by providing you with a preview of your cardstock on the screen of the machine.

Here is a quick breakdown of the process.

Turn the machine on and press the home button.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 2Choose the PATTERN icon.

Brother Scan N Cut - Fussy Cutting - 2Lots of options here! I’m just going to go for one of the basic shapes though.

Brother Scan N Cut - Fussy Cutting - 3I chose a rectangle.

Brother Scan N Cut - Fussy Cutting - 5

Now, at this point I should show you that I had already placed a sheet of sentiment toppers onto my cutting mat and was choosing a rectangle as I wanted to cut just one of those out.

Here is the mat ready loaded.

Brother Scan N Cut - Fussy Cutting - 1But how on earth was I going to get that rectangle to cut in the right place?

Remember the screen that had the cutting mat on? It had a little icon that looked like a blue square with a line through it?

Well when I hit that, the machine scanned the sheet through and gave me a preview on my screen.

Brother Scan N Cut - Fussy Cutting - 6I could then move the shape around and access other edit screens to make sure that it was the right size and in the right place.

Brother Scan N Cut - Fussy Cutting - 7

It’s then just the same cut (or draw) process as in the last two features that I have described.

Here is what I ended up with.

Brother Scan N Cut - Fussy Cutting - 8

I have used this in a variety of ways for my projects.

This card shows how I used it to cut an unusual shape around a sentiment.

Brother Scan N Cut Project Gallery - 10And this example shows how I used it to cut the individually stamped letters out to spell the word “friends”.

Brother Scan N Cut Project Gallery - 5Anyway, I hope that you are all looking forward to the launch show at 2pm with Mel Heaton tomorrow (Saturday 11th Jan 2014).

I’ll be picking up the reigns on Sunday and having a go at demonstrating this myself – wish me luck! Lol.

As ever, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to list them below.

See you again soon.

J :)

61 thoughts on “Brother Scan n Cut – Fussy Cutting

  1. Hi John, please can you help? I purchased the 12×24 cutting mat and am unable to scan the mat in to allow me to cut multiple card at one time. This issue may have been covered previously, I can confirn that I changed the mat setting. but this is not the problem. Are you able to use the larger mat for all functions? Many thanks Chris


    • You don’t need to. There are 600 built in and you can scan your own. Brother have no plans to create a download store based on the fact that you can create your own.

      You can, if you wish to, purchase SVG files and convert these in the Scan N Cut Canvas online software if you have access to a PC.

      J :)


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