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Brother Scan N Cut – Scan To Cut Data

As the countdown to the launch of the Brother Scan N Cut machine on Create and Craft TV continues I thought that I would dedicate a couple of blog posts to having a little delve into some of the more unique features of this machine in order to help you understand how the process works and how simple it is to do.

This post is dedicated to the “Scan To Data” function which takes your printed, traced or hand drawn images and converts them into cutting files.

So this feature is going to be very useful if you wish to create your own unique sentiments, logos, decorations and more from your own original artwork.

It differs from the Direct Scan feature (that I will be describing tomorrow) in that it gives your more options in relation to the areas that can be cut.

Here is a step by step overview of the process.

First up, you turn the machine on. The Brother logo screen will then be displayed.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 1You can see the power on/off button at the top left of the control panel. I think that it’s great that all of the controls are in the one place.

The next thing would be to press the HOME button (in the middle on the left). This will then bring up the functions menu.

As you can see in the next image, it’s not that complicated. You’re either going to choose a pre-installed pattern or to scan something.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 2I touched the SCAN icon as I wanted to show you how to do the SCAN TO CUT DATA method of creating a cutting file.

After pressing the icon, three more options came up. I think that you can guess which one I was going to press.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 3Yup, SCAN TO CUT DATA. You’ve got the hang of this already!

First “surprise” was this message after I had pressed the icon. Nice that it gives me a reminder of what it does – I will probably forget at some point.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 4Interestingly here I noted that it said “Press The Start/Stop” button to scan – but the start/stop button (bottom right) was not lit up. This is because I needed to load the mat (as it had suggested to me in the message).

So I chucked my print out into the scanning mat – which differs from the cutting mats as it has a nice overlay that holds your work in place and is not sticky (i.e. it is just used for scanning) – and loaded it into the machine.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 12I then prodded the Start/Stop button (which had now lit up).

The machine took the mat through the machine and then back out.

It then went through a recognition process to find all of the outline.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 5This process only took about 20 seconds.

I was then presented with this screen.
Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 6It showed the mat, a representation of my design (highlighted in red) and several options on the right.

These options are as follows.

The first one just creates an outline around the external perimeter (the outer edge). Like this.Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 8The second creates a cut line around all edges, i.e. it will also recognize the landlocked regions of my design.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 9The last option recognizes the internal areas only.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 10Once you’ve made your choice, you can then go onto to press the save button on screen. You then have two choices.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan To Cut Data - 11The left hand icon saves your design to the machine for use later. The icon on the right is in case you want to save the design to a USB stick and transfer it to a computer or another Scan N Cut machine.

This is a now an electronic cutting file that I can use over and over again.

Anyway, as you can see, this worked out quite well. I used this process to make the circular/square frame and also the lacey thing in the middle of this card.Brother Scan N Cut Project Gallery - 10So that’s unique feature number 1.

I will aim to describe the Direct Scan feature tomorrow.

If I haven’t explained anything clearly enough for you, please do let me know and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading.

J :)

79 thoughts on “Brother Scan N Cut – Scan To Cut Data

  1. Hi John Ive had my scan n cut since last year and I love it but i have just bought a scan mat and it won’t recognize it am i doing something wrong please help as in middle of doing chrismas table placemats and thanks for all information you give as
    maureen in Australia


    • Hi Maureen. Have you removed the blue strip? If so then I’m not sure what could be happening and would recommend contacting the Brother support desk for your location.
      J :)


  2. I also have a brother scan n cut the blue model, I notice that my blue man is loosing its tackiness, I was wondering if krylon spay would help regain some of the tackiness.


      • What I do now is very lightly spray my paper with stencil spray. (any kind of repositional or temporary adhesive)


      • Hey john thanks for a fast response it’s highly appreciated.
        Since you haven’t tried the krylon sprayer to regain the tackiness to the blue mat, what would you recommend?
        To my other question about stamping, I have tried lots of different inks and types of stamps, and I find when am stamping words in particular it’s not clear but rather abit foggy. Do you have any tips?
        Thanks SAMEHA


      • I would never recommend spraying directly onto the mat as it could affect the operation of the machine.
        As for the second question, have you tried a fine detail inkpad?


  3. hi John and everyone………. re: decoupage I print my decoupage from disc draw round it with black fine tipped marker or black biro ,then print a copy out (which means i can keep the original for coping again) then on to my Scan N Cut machine MAGIC :) x


  4. Hi John!
    You show us here on the pic that you scan a black image. After scanning its red highlighted on the screen. How is this possible – is this the scanning mat?
    Thx for your help!


    • I have no idea Tom.

      Yes I used the scan mat for this scan but have no idea why the machine decided to make it look red on screen. It makes no difference as far as I am aware.

      J :)


      • Thx John! I´m asking ´cause a few people have probs with a printed text!! And I thought maybe the scanning mat makes the differents!


      • I don’t think that that would be the difference. I have used the sticky mats and scan mat. Both give good results. It is more likely be to do with the quality of the print.


  5. Hi John, I have watched your demos exhaustively and you make no mention of the need for a scanning mat, pen holder and pens to draw seam allowances, and lo and behold, these necessary items are NOT AVAILABLE from Create & Craft!

    How can I, as a quilter use these facilities, for which I, personally bought the machine, to help me as I am disabled and have difficulty cutting out. What a disappointment!!!

    Ann Watling-Greenwood


    • Hi Ann, the scan mat is optional but poses advantages. I have discussed and demonstrated all of the accessories that you mentioned in detail on previous shows.
      The buying team have been working hard to obtain additional stock for those that want or need them and therefore I would recommend regularly checking the website.
      I look forward to seeing your creations :)


  6. John could you please tell us when we will beable to buy the pen set and holder for the scan and cut also the 12×12 standard mats and low cut blades seems silly to have a new machine out and you cant get replacements. I would like to use my machine to the full but cant without these items


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