UFOs (Unfinished Objects) – The Curse of the Fidgety Mind

September 17, 2013 — 25 Comments

Ever get the feeling that you’re not quite fulfilling what you set out to do creatively speaking? Well, UFOs (Unfinished Objects) could be the culprit – so I recently discovered.

Here is a quick photographic tour of what I have unfinished, on-the-go, or just not even started yet.

I think that the main trouble here is more that I have a fidgety mind that tends to work on more than one thing at once (a miracle for a man you may say) but I think it’s my body that can’t multi-task as when my mind switches from one thing to the next, so does the body.

Anyway, here we go.

First, on the craft room desk I have some Inkadinkado single layer stamping on the go that I will be working up into a future post.

Unfinished Objects - 2 - CardmakingThere is also a little bit leftover from when I was playing with my new Gelli Plate the other day – such fun! More on that when I get back to it.

On the dining table I have some more Inkadinkado action going on, this time I am trying out some parchment craft techniques with it.

Unfinished Objects - 8 - Parchment Craft

Speaking of Inkadinkado I bought this the other day.

Unfinished Objects - 6

It’s like a clear cling foam and I thought that it would be a great way of using clear stamps with the Inkadinkado system, but I haven’t got around to opening it yet.

I have more planned for the Inkadinkado system, these are currently on the floor in the craft room.

Unfinished Objects - 4

By the sofa I have a couple of things going on that I am dipping in and out of.

The first is some Crochet. Well, there’s been some debate on this on my Facebook page this week as some people want to call it Tunisian Crochet because of the long hook and some want to call it Crohooking because the long needle is double ended. Either way I’m working with two yarns at once to create a reversible … “whatever”. I haven’t actually decided what the finished piece will actually be – probably a bag???

Unfinished Objects - 9 Crochet

In the top left corner of the picture above there is also a book on paper cutting that I recently picked up on a visit to the Tate Modern. Very disappointed with the gallery, but loving the book. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to have a go soon.

The other UFO by the sofa is some Bargello embroidery. I’ve been trying out various patterns and different canvas’ to see what results I get. Mostly though it’s all still in an untidy pile. This one’s been going on for a while so I wouldn’t expect to see anything finished anytime soon.

Unfinished Objects - 5 - Embroidery

Then, if that wasn’t enough I still have these strips hanging on the wall that I cut donkeys years ago …

Unfinished Objects - 7

These strips were supposed to be used to create more of these bags …

Unfinished Objects - 3

And that stemmed from this show back in 2009 where I was demonstrating sewing machines!

Unfinished Objects 10

Unfinished Objects 11

I don’t really hold out much hope of getting those done soon either if they are still unfinished after 4 years!

On the bookshelves I have some experiments with braiding and Kumihimo and on the little table by the sofa there are about a dozen magazines that I need to get around to reading.

I’m glad that I have a week off soon – I might actually get around to clearing some of the backlog (fingers crossed).

What UFOs have you got sitting around pining to be completed?

Thanks for reading … if you got this far before going on to do something else.

John :)

25 responses to UFOs (Unfinished Objects) – The Curse of the Fidgety Mind


    I have two jumpers and one cardigan still being knitted; lots of half finished toppers for unfinished cards; kumihimo dangling from the frame…..and I’ve just remembered a small quilt I was making for the granddaughters cot (she’s six next birthday!!)……..some of these will never be finished, but at least I now feel as though I am in good company.




    I also have loads of UFO s. The longest project still on the go when the mood takes me is an Elizabeth Bradley Tapestry which I must have started 20 years ago. I used to feel bad about my UFO s until I went to Patchwork classes and the tutor admitted to having 17 unfinished projects on the go.



    2 many projects either unfinished or even started, keep buying kits though can’t resist a bargain and pretty paper catches my eye, I get excited at the prospect of starting something new then get bored. You are not alone.



    I thought it was me and my impatience – at least now I know it’s not. I begin with good intentions, have spent a fortune on craft stuff and it’s all mostly in the packing. I am always tidying up but seems I needn’t worry about that that either….



    Pennie Homewood September 19, 2013 at 10.50pm

    Hi John
    I suffered from UFO’s most of my adult life due mainly to working full time and having too many crafty interests! I was always going to finish everything when I retired! Then something amazing happened last christmas whilst recovering from flu I discovered Create and Craft. Slowly I realised that stamping and then the Gelli Plate with a bit of die cutting were going to be my new passions, oh and using inks, masks, pan pastels………etc Decisions had to be made so my entire machine knitting life had to be Ebayed along with a ton of yarn. I gave my cross stitch projects to a keen niece and my stash of material to my daughter who is making cushions. I’v discovered, with my increasing years, that I need to start and finish a project on the same day which is much easier with my new passion otherwise I lose interest. The weirdest thing is though I don’t have anything to show for my new crafting as every card I have ever made has been sent to a friend. Whereas my house is full of my homemade cushions, curtains, jumpers and quilts from long ago. I think hanging on to UFO’s can drag you down, a good clear out is very cleansing.


    thecraftypinkgirl September 18, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Happens to us all…



    Weren’t you experimenting with microwave oven fusible glass? Be interested to see how that worked out: contemplating getting the little kiln thing.



    You sound like me, I call myself a bumble bee crafter ;) as I get very excited about something, do it to death for a while, then see something else and go on to that. ONe flower to the next hehe. At least so far my crafts have played nicely together so the stamping was useful for decorating bookbinding projects, art has worked well with the stamping and bookbinding and so on.

    So far on my desk I have a pile of mat board that has been brayered over with acrylic paint. Just discovered the joys of brayering with paint and I’m hooked. I put the paint onto a craft sheet and as its a heavy bodied paint and over textured card that I left brush marks in from a gesso layer its creating lots of lovely textures.

    Just starting to get into stencils & texture paste, that’s a world of fun right there :) I love how if you go back & ‘bother’ partially dried acrylic paint you get blending or textures. Now there are lots of panels that look like wood. Dilema, they are too nice to stamp over or layer on to. I’ll box them till I’ve got over the excitement and then they will become backgrounds to more layers.

    Much fun with the mad scientist play :) Bring on messy play, its the most fun I’ve had in years!!! Anyone know where I can get tablecloth size pieces of craft sheet tho ;) Think you can from the states, that would give even more space to play :)



    Thank goodness I’m not alone after all! Have some cross stitch I started I don’t know how many years ago plus unopened kits. Sadly eye sight is the one thing that may stop me finishing these, but still look at them. I start cards and leave them waiting for greetings and inserts, then forget I’ve done them! I put it all down to being a Gemini (that’s my excuse anyway). Thanks for sharing John, you’ve put all our minds at rest.



    So many butterfly minded people! My DH thought I was the only one (Vbg). I have a friend who buys exactly what she needs for each sewing project and then makes things for charity if she has any fabric left over … Don’t know how she does it! My idd stamps arrived the day I was going on holiday so looking forward to playing once I get caught up at home. Thanks for sharing John! Gail



    I too have many UFO projects! I think it is a sign of a true crater as the creative mind is always creating new ideas and unfortunately the hands can’t keep up. I have many UFOs that are many years old, but I am proactively working my way through the ones I want to finish with a monthly UFO day !!


    Ruthie In Suffolk September 18, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Fantastic! We are all the same. Deep down I am into paper and die cutting (countless bits cut and ready to use) but I also have some tapestry under the bed, curtains to be lined on the landing, counted ‘home sweet home’ cross stitch (where? Somewhere!) half made scarecrow for a competition at the end of the month and a paper mâché dachshund without any features yet on the coffee table! We should all take bets on which items will actually be finished shouldn’t we …… Oh and I forgot to mention the inkadinkadoo that you just got me hooked on & zentangle of course!!!



    Nearly fell off the chair laughing about this. Call me Project Bluebook – I have Soooooo many projects on the go and no focus to finish them. Loving your blog!



    U.F.Os I have a dress I have made for myself waiting for the hem taking up, a childs jumper I am half way through knitting, A double bed quilt I started at 2 00am this morning, couldn’t sleep Crafting ideas going through my mind. Have material ready to make cushion owl and robot for two of my grandchildren, I have already made 80 cards, still some waiting to put sentiments in. Luckily I made my spare bedroom into a workroom,( It’s a mess. ) So glad I am not the only untidy crafter, my front room has more boxes of card making stuff than I really have room for, so glad I live on my own.



    At least you have started on lots of things John , some of my stuff is still waiting !!! Will get to them one day and then think why did I not do this sooner. Started and really enjoying my Inkadinkado starter kit though .Please let us know how the Tack n Peel goes.



    Ah the fatal curse of the UFO’s! I feel so much happier knowing that I am not the only one who does this. I have too much mess that needs organising and multiple UFO’s. I must get strict though and pass on/recycle/bin the ones that I think I won’t go back to. Love the bags, love the crochet – so wish I could do that and that hook is huge, love the stamping the best – beautiful stamping John I do enjoy watching you create with these stamps on C&C. Have a good day



    My Biggest UFO is my beautiful Dolls house need to get it finished xxx



    Hi John
    Love all your UFOs! I’m glad I’m not the only one with UFOs I’ve knitting, latch hook rug, stamped images ready to make into cards and colour also…the list goes on! That’s all in my bedroom, never mind the lounge!
    I’m thinking of going into zentangling pictures any pointers, unfortunately I missed Mels demos and have no idea where to start, have you any pointers?
    Best wishes from Katie-Louise sweetlove



    Ha ha now I feel like a proper crafter, I have so many unfinished projects I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. Now I know it’s the way we all work! Just wish my card making mojo would resurface, perhaps it can’t get through all the quilts, half finished clothes and cross stitch kits strewn around! xx



    Heavens to murgatroyd John. I thought that I was bad. Turns out Im not after all lol!
    Look forward to seeing the finished items . . . . . . . Eventually!
    Ang x



    I feel so much better now. I finished a crosstitch picture in July that I started about 4 years ago. Still have one from about 15 years ago. The fiddly bits need doing. In addition, I have two crochet cardigans started for my 12 year-old granddaughter that I am hoping to finish for my 3 and 5 year-olds and a knitted cardigan I started for a grandson about 5 years ago. There is also a large number of cards that need finishing. I have lots of toppers waiting to be made into cards. I go to card making classes and invariably bring them home to finish. They stay in the box until I empty it before the next class. The curtains in the living room still have pins in from before last Christmas, waiting for the hems to be sewn up………..and I dread to think about what is in the loft.



    well, well, well, im so glad im not the only one !!, i brought the felting machine and brought loads of wool tops and other goodies and just havent got round to felting anything yet, i brought a sewing machine and brought loads of material with all good intentions and again havent started anything !!! i had to buy a new sideboard , a very tastefull mango wood side board i might add, i had to buy this to hide all my wool and jewellery stuff in!!! notice the word hide !! luckily the other half doesnt go in there which is a godsend as everything would fall out !! i said id like one of those storage stool things to use when we had visitors i said so there was an extra chair i said, shh dont tell him but its full to the brim with wool and toy stuffing !!!…..Hmmmmm, you have UFO’S and i have OIHS (Objects I Havent Started ) lol……..happy crafting ;-)



    John you are a true crafter, it’s a good sign you have this enthusiasm to keep trying something else. Keep up the good work. Love those bags…. given me an idea!



    I have too many UFO’s to mention. I have lots of little things I started but with no end point in mind.


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