Artist Trading Card Daily - 42.1

Artist Trading Card Daily – 42

When I went out for a walk the other night I noticed that there roses had started appearing in some gardens.

I thought that it would be nice to celebrate these colourful blooms with a little ATC project.

Having a little extra time today I thought that I would attempt to incorporate some needlecrafts in the ATC run.

I had a dig through my supplies and found a pattern from Sarah Trevor, Editor of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine. The pattern was actually for a longer bookmark however I decided that I would just do one of the roses in order to save on time.

Using only basic cross stitch and backstitch I set to work.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 42.1

A few hours later (and a few drama type shows on Radio 4 Extra) and I was done :)

Artist Trading Card Daily - 42.4

To finish this and have it fit in with the ATC concept I used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut out a backing panel and frame. I sandwiched the finished piece between the two with some PVA glue – and that was that!

Artist Trading Card Daily - 42.2

I’m starting to wonder what other needlecrafts that I could include within this series…

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Thank you for visiting and I hope that you are enjoying this series of daily posts.

I’ll see you again tomorrow!

J :)

19 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 42

  1. what about some Crewel work or Stump work, there are lots of patterns for those, I did an Elizabethan rose cross stitch for the lid of a box I made for a gift to my friend, used linen fabric to cover it and Aida for the flower. You are such a talented man, another thumbs up x


  2. Lovely idea and brilliant for a beginner to try as not too big. I will definitely give it a try. What count is your Aida cloth. I have to make ATC on the subject of “texture ” and I think cross stitch may fit the bill nicely.
    X Chris


  3. This is beautiful John. I love cross stitch. I think you should put your ATC’s in an album so at the end of the year you can look back on them all with pride. There will certainly be a variety! I’m amazed at the different techniques you come up with.
    Happy crafting.


  4. Cross-stitch was the1st serious craft that my Mum didn’t teach me to do. So this ATC is an eye-opener – never thought of using cross-stitch like this! Thank you John for your plethora of great ideas!


  5. Hi John, I’m an avid follower and enjoy your daily designs, is there no end to your talent, this is lovely. I’m amazed at how many different skills you have. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Well, ATCs are trading cards so they’re for trading somehow. They seem to be an American thing so I don’t know what they do but perhaps it might be an idea for all of those who follow your blog to post their ATCs and then for you to decide who to do swaps with. Any other ideas from anyone else? X


  7. This is beautiful. Haven’t done cross stitch for a long time. Plaster cast off in 3 weeks so hopefully then I will be able to get back to crafting


  8. I think a Blackwork/Zentangle mix would be quite cool. Maybe you could Zentangle on paper and then stitch one area onto stitching paper? Not quite sure if that would work but I think they might go well together.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. So pretty! I was wondering what you were going to make today that would be different from the rest and worrying that you’d be struggling but, hey presto, another masterpiece. One question – what is going to happen to all of your beautiful ATCs? X

    Liked by 1 person

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