All Counties Craft Challenge

All Counties Craft Challenge

Many questions have been asked about the All Counties Craft Challenge so I thought that I would set up this page in way of explanation and to give you an idea of how to get involved.

First let’s take a look at the challenge and why I am doing it.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m John Bloodworth. I am also known to many as ‘Gentleman Crafter’ as a result of my blog

I have been creative since I was a small boy. As well as being an enjoyable pasttime it has also helped me cope with many of life’s little hiccups.

I have also shared this passion for creativity with the United Kingdom during the past decade whilst creating over 10,000 hours of broadcast material for a TV channel dedicated to arts and crafts.

What am I doing?

I am organising a charity fund raising challenge in aid of Mind, a mental health charity based in the UK, which will see me leave the security and certainty of my home behind and spend just over a year visiting each and every one of the ninety-two (historic) counties in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland + various Islands) whilst living in, teaching workshops in, crafting in and blogging/vlogging from a motorhome.

The idea has already been pitched to Mind and they have accepted me as a volunteer fund raiser.

Why am I doing it?

It is fair to say that my own life has been turned upside down by mental health issues in recent years, with severe depression and general anxiety disorder making day-to-day life a genuine struggle, but Mind were there for me and have been an outstanding resource and support mechanism through it all.

Through my work and my blog I have also heard many similar stories from individuals around the world.

I am therefore doing this challenge in order to give something back and to help Mind help others who have been affected by similar issues.

As an added bonus I would also hope to be able to share the calming, focusing and ultimately beneficial properties of a creative hobby along the way.

Can you help?

As I mentioned, I need help. I am usually to proud to ask for it, but there it is. A simple request.

Please donate as much as you can afford through the Just Giving page that has been set up. I have a target of £20,000 to reach by the end of March 2017 and I am a long way from that at the moment.

Can’t afford it at the moment – no problem, you can help in other ways. Perhaps just by sharing this page on your Facebook or Twitter accounts and raising awareness that this is happening.

Do you have a shop, club or group that would like a visit from me? Get in touch and let’s get a date sorted!

It’s up to you but without you, I can’t do this.

Create and Craft TV are already sponsoring the operational costs of this event in order to make sure that every penny that you submit via the Just Giving page will go directly to Mind.

All donations will receive my sincere gratitude and the undeniable satisfaction that you have helped a fantastic cause.

What will we do in the workshops?

A variety of genres and techniques can be accommodated – ultimately we’ll just have fun whatever we do, ok? Workshops will mostyl be run as a play day with me starting things off and then you using your creativity to decorate a project.

I’ll even throw in drinks and snacks throughout the day – it’ll be like a mini adventure for us all!

If these rewards don’t tickle your fancy but you have an idea that’s not listed and want to discuss it before making your donation – then please get in touch!

What happens at the end of the tour?

Mind will receive all of the donations from the Just Giving page and also any other contributions that I will be able to source whilst on the road.

Final Thoughts

If you, a family member or a friend has been affected by mental health issues then please help support me with this campaign by donating whatever you can afford – even if it is just £1 – please help me to help Mind continue their sterling work at providing support for sufferers of mental health issues.

Please accept my sincerest thanks for taking the time to read about this exciting challenge and for all contributions and shares in advance.


As mentioned, there are a number of ways that you can get involved. Take a look below to find out more…


I will also be hosting various group workshops around the country. These will be advertised on this blog and can be booked/paid for via PayPal or, in some cases, directly via the venue listed. Details of how to book will be supplied with each workshop listing.

For a full listing of the current workshops, please take a look at the interactive map or visit the itinerary page. This will be updated on a regular basis and is a work in progress – until I have booked a group workshop in pretty much every county so it’ll be worth checking back regularly.

So, there we have it in a (rather large) nutshell.

Thank you for taking the time to read and please accept my sincerest thanks for taking the time to do so, for all donations and for all shares in advance.

If you have any questions or comments about this challenge then please feel free to use the comments section below or the email link at the top of this page.


Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you soon! :)