Adventures In Machine Embroidery 2022 Part 24 – A Quick Go With The Magical Cross Stitch GEM

Continuing my explorations into the NEW Hatch 3 embroidery digitizing software this week and I have been itching at the bit to have a go with the new cross stitch creation module of the software, so, I did!

PS, there’s a free .EMB stitch file to nab too!

Missed Something?

Want to start at the beginning? If you have landed here from somewhere around the internet and have missed any of the previous posts in this series, you can find them all snuggled in this archive.

Some Pointless History

A while back, in this blog post if you fancy a read, I wrote about my explorations into Bargello which is a type of pattern-forming hand embroidery style.

In face, here are a few of the bits and bobs that I fiddled about with.

Total fun but sadly not much done since that time about eight years ago. EIGHT YEARS!?


To make things easier for me whilst getting to grips with the cross stitch module of the software and to highlight a couple of the basic tools therein, (posh for, in there), I decided to use the Bargello pattern forming style to make my first machine embroidered cross stitch design and, hey presto!!!

Look At What I Made!

Totes quick to design and reasonably quick to stitch too with only four colours!

Hatching An Idea

If you fancy seeing my journey prodding about not really knowing what I was doing, I put this video together to show you this week’s adventure in machine embroidery. Just hit play and have a good slurp or two of a lovely beverage.

Download The Free Machine Embroidery File

If you would like to get a copy of the blank merit badge .EMB (Hatch Embroidery) file, just hit the download button below. PS, it’s in a zipped folder so you will need to unzip it first and you will need a copy of Hatch installed on your computer to open it.

Download Hatch Embroidery Digitizer for Free!

Want to try this software out for yourself?

Hatch offer a fully functional 30 day free trial of their software so you can give it a good road test prior to buying!

Just hit the big button below to nab yours!

Ok, that’s me done for this post. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my adventures in machine embroidery and will pop back again soon.

All the best,


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4 thoughts on “Adventures In Machine Embroidery 2022 Part 24 – A Quick Go With The Magical Cross Stitch GEM

  1. Wonderful as always is there any chance you could save the file to VIP3 as I can’t open it thank you John for all the help you give us

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  2. Great video, John. Thank you. I too have just started to play with the cross stitch GEM. I am in awe of what you achieve. Thank you for the inspiration. Kind regards Tracey Fulton. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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