Adventures In Machine Embroidery 2022 Part 22 – A Fancy Pants Software Update

Well it has been exciting for me over the last few days as, whilst I was having me little break, Hatch released a shiny new version of their embroidery digitizing software with a bunch of improvements and new tools!

Missed Something?

Want to start at the beginning? If you have landed here from somewhere around the internet and have missed any of the previous posts in this series, you can find them all snuggled in this archive.

So, What’s New?

From my limited play-time so far, Hatch 3 is definitely a step up from it’s predecessor and has a bunch of improvements and new tools that I am looking forward to playing with in future posts.

Here are the main bits that have me a little excited.

  • New – User Interface/Start Up Screens
  • New – Cross Stitch Creator
  • New – Designs
  • New – Reef Photostitch
  • New – Color Photostitch
  • New – Keyboard Design Collection
  • New – Laydown Stitch
  • New – Center All
  • New – Hand Stitch
  • Plus a whole bunch of improvements to a range of the tools and auto-digitizing options.

Sometimes I find lists exciting but to be honest, it’s probably easier if I just show you, so, hit play on the video below and check out what cool things that I will be playing with in the coming months…

Download Hatch Embroidery Digitizer for Free!

Want to try this software out for yourself?

Hatch offer a fully functional 30 day free trial of their software so you can give it a good road test prior to buying!

Just hit the big button below to nab yours!

Ok, that’s me done for this post. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my adventures in machine embroidery and will pop back again soon.

All the best,


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