30 Days Of Card Making 14

Day 14 – 30 Days Of Card Making

Sometimes, gawping at things can inspire a new creation. I mean, I could have put that more poetically but you get what I mean, hopefully.

Regular readers of this blog will know why I am doing this mini challenge in order to reunite my mojo with my craft space. To follow the full journey, you can find all related post in the 30 Days Of Card Making archive.

Ok, on with today’s creation.

You might think that this one started out with the sentiment or the Stampscapes design. Nope.

When kickstarting your mojo, sometimes you’ve just got to put bits of craft space in front of it and let them get on with it. This is a classic example.

Having been liking that “dragged inkpad” result from previous cards I shoved a bunch of harmonious colours in front of mojo and said, “‘ere ya go, get on with them” and went off to make a brew, when I came back mojo had decided that a graduated background was going to be made. So we made it.

I then went off to hunt for somethings that I felt mojo could use along side that background and found the stamp and some circular dies.

Without prompting or nudging the rest came together quite quickly.

So, the lesson for today. Go outside and gawp at stuff. Maybe.

TWO WEEKS IN! We’ve made it half way!

I rewarded mojo and craft space with donuts but then realised they don’t have mouths as they are both figments of my imagination and therefore I “had to” eat three donuts so as not to waste them. I know, what a hero, right?

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for reading today’s progress. Hope you will join me tomorrow to see how mojo, craft space and I get on with your journey.

Much love,

J x.


29 thoughts on “30 Days Of Card Making 14

  1. So lovely cards! Don´t understand how you made this background, did you water your paper before dragging the inkpads? Would love to learn this technique.


  2. Such a lovely card. Congratulation half way thru and looks like craft space and mojo are doing great :) Hope your doing ok ? good luck for the next half – take care x

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  3. My new favourite so far – I love the affect of the graduated background. I need some “sky backgrounds” for nativity scenes and this will work beautifully. Did you start with the paler colours and work through to the darker colours?

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  4. Beautiful card John. Love the background. Think my ink pad it similar colours to this. Will give it a go. I did try one the other day with another inkpad. Really like it but haven’t decided when else to put on it yet.

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  5. John, I love this card…. I must try the dragged look, not sure I’ll achieve the great effects you have – certainly deserved the donuts due to inspiration shared :). Karyle

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  6. Love this one! Definitely need to sort some stamps 😊
    Am supposed to be clearing the back bedroom as son is returning from Qatar earlier than expected, but am resisting as I’d much rather be crafting…

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  7. This one is beautiful John. How are you feeling half way through, apart from the terrible donuts you had to force down. ? I’ve been out today, I mean properly out…… I’ve been to see my son, 25 miles away, all by myself…….!! First time out for 14 weeks, and it just seems as if none of it ever happened. xx

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  8. Absolutely beautiful John. I feel that mojo and craft space are now fully communicating with each other and this project is proof of that. I love this design so will be having a go at this tomorrow after walking my pooch. Thanks for all the inspiration you are giving to everyone. X

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  9. Oh the hardship, having to eat those donuts!! Love this card, I wouldn’t have thought of cutting the edge off the circle but it really works. Yet another idea to pinch off you! Thank you. I’m gonna have to try this sweeping lark… bet I make a mess!!

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