Craft Stash Giveaway – 8

November 20, 2019 — 51 Comments

The craft room clearance continues with today’s special giveaway.

Many thanks again to everyone that has taken part in these so far. I really enjoyed reading your comments and will take some time out soon to respond.

The stash is depleting too!

Ok, on with the giveaway for this week.

This time, I have a Tonic Studios die to giveaway.

This week one lucky winner will bag themselves a Tonic Studios Verso handbag die.

Craft Stash Giveaway 8

Want it? Here is what you have to do.

Comment on this blog post below. Not on Facetwit or anywhere else, just here.

It can be anything. The comment itself doesn’t count for anything other than me being nosy so feel free to tell me what the weather is like where you are, what you are having for dinner, a funny story about the cat/dog or hamster, what you are making at the moment; basically, just pop a comment below so that I know you are interested and, next week I will draw a name at random from those that have commented and that person will get the item(s) featured above.

– One winner will be picked at random.
– Prizes can only be sent to a UK address.
– Prizes will be sent via a signed-for delivery service.
– No cash alternatives, because I spent all of my cash on the stuff that I am giving away.
– Only comments made on this blog post will count.

Oh, and hey, if you fancy sharing this post with some of your artsy-craftsy chums, that would also be very much appreciated.

Right, it’s time for me to get back to making stuff. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Bye for now.
J :) x

51 responses to Craft Stash Giveaway – 8


    Helloooo, What can I say?
    I only found your blog again today, trouble with blogs theres just so many out there that I love I follow loads hahaha, but, I’m slowly working through my blogs that I subscribe to and finding some I’d forgotten about! Oh well, I still have lots to go through (nearly 28 Thousand 😂😂) and am so pleased I found you again.
    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful looking handbag die 😍😥🥂🍻. Xx



    Hi John. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win. Have just finished making my Christmas cards, and now in the process of hunting down alcohol inks for my daughter for Christmas. She’s been doing acrylic pours for a couple of years and now wants to branch out into alcohol art. Hope you are keeping well. Kath x



    Hello and thank you for the generous opportunity you are offering. Good luck to everyone!!



    Brilliant give away, thanks John. Good luck everyone.



    Hi John this is a lovely give away love downloading mandalas great for an elderly club I run keep up the good work



    Hope you are well John, thank you for the giveaways you truly are a gentleman. xx



    utterly brilliant



    Sometimes Chocolate is not good enough that’s when you need extra cat cuddles



    I’m thinking of having a bacon sandwich – I have had toast for my breakfast but steroids make you have second Breakfast, second lunch and second dinner! haha



    Thank you for the opportunity to win this very generous give.



    A lovely design John. I could do with a handbag!! Today I am going to continue to make Christmas cards. In the main they are cut out, but deciding on the colourway and the arrangement takes ages! Best wishes Joy



    Love Tonic dies & love handbags, a great giveaway.
    My Christmas cards are well underway – a first this early in the year, plenty more to do.
    I’m toying with the idea of a new die cutting machine (light and portable). The Sizzix Foldaway is very appealing – it’s been in & out of my basket several times already.
    Enjoy reading all the comments
    xx Adrienne



    Love this giveaway!! I’m well along with my Christmas cards now but still doing other cards in between, birthdays, new babies, a couple of sympathy cards. I’m always happiest ensconced in my craft room and hubby’s more than happy to watch the footy in peace!!



    Thank you, John for the chance for someone to win this beautiful die set. Hope you are well.


    Pamela Mainwaring November 20, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    Thank you John it looks fabulous 😘 love your little doggie that always comes visiting is really at home😁 I have a few dogs that visit me and stay over for a week or so love them it’s there second home ♥️ take care ❤️



    Great giveaway John. Not a bad day at all. Been finishing things for a Charity Craft Fair.



    Hi John, I was the lucky winner of your craft stash give away 7 but wasn’t sure if i needed to send you my address somehow in order to claim it. not up too much today, my brother is moving house so we’re parrot sitting!! look forward to hearing from you.



    Busy day dtatyrd by soaking the fruit gpr my Christmas cake in Guiness then took my dog a walk, she’s just had surgery so has s shaved back leg, she jumped IP at puppy class and damaged her knee do they’ve had to put sctewd and a plate in her leg, I have to walk really slow to make her walk on 4legs, then later I’m going shopping.
    Weather I’d so cold here at the minute do won’t be out long, hope I win this lovely prize, hope everyone’s having great day xx.



    Oh, yes please. I’m definitely a handbag woman. Plus, I need something to distract me from all the scumcesters I’m finding on Ancestry. Seriously need a pick me up to stop me from crying and laughing at them, sometimes at the same time! Thanks


    Lorraine Mauchline November 20, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Not got much crafting done this week trying to get on top of my Christmas shopping 🤪 fab give away John xx



    Fabulous giveaway. I’ve had a stressful day so far. Had hair appointment this morning – hubby decides he wants to post gift we have got for a new baby in the family. No problem – except it wasn’t ready for posting – we were going to include all the Christmas cards and presents so only one set of postage to pay. I spent the morning before my appointment making cards like a mad woman so they could go in the box. Got it done with 15 minutes to spare! This afternoon, I sold the car, and had to spend the time after contacting Insurance company and DVLA. Again this is hubby’s car, but he can’t manage all the official stuff anymore so it was left to me. Now sitting down with a cup of coffee before I have to make this evenings meal. Hope your day has been less stressful John.



    Well John,what a fabulous giveaway for someone. How kind. The weather is still wet down here in Cornwall. My husband has been poorly with shingles but at last seems to be getting over it. At least I have made a small start on the present buying. xxx



    Well my shift over for the day my foster child going to her mums adter school so no school run yey! So I should do some cleaning but hear my craft room calling haven’t made a christmas card yet and ran out of the spares from previous years last year any ideas on a quick one???


    Patricia j burton November 20, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    Headed outside today, to move the leaves to a bonfire pile. Quite a job when you live in the outer edge of ‘woods’. Then I plan to start making more Christmas cards. It’s such fun crafting cards and gifts to give out over the holiday, and over the year! This purse would be a great addition to my useful supplies, thank you for the chance to win it!



    Hi John. We are off for a night away this weekend, hoping it doesn’t snow. Trying to work out how many bags of craft stuff I need to take for one night?? Have my PJs, clean undies and a top for the next day ( and toothbrush of course) so big suitcase or two small?



    How lovely to do a give-away with such a great die, would love to win this fingers crossed. Trying very hard not to spend any more money this month on crafty stuff, I have too much as it is but you never no when you might need something!



    I’m sat procrastinating I need to get snc out but cold hand make me not want to lol xx



    Sat having my lunch at work at Danby Bakery on the North York Moors fab day fab place to work not long until I finish and get home and start making cards 😃😃



    Hi J…What a great giveaway….
    I am currently half way through christmas cards (amidst birthday cards for family) and enjoying using my scan n cut …please keep posting pictures of your neighbor’s beautiful shina ibu she is gorgeous.. I am biased tho cos my son and his family have one too they call him Lupin x



    A project I have not tried! would love to try this. Weather in Indiana cold and grey need to stay inside and CRAFT!!!!



    its cold still wearing my flip-flops 😀 what a great give-away very kind .. going to daughters and decide where were going on one of our random travels ..still working on my toilet-roll mini book for a swap ..well 2nd one because the first didnt turn out so well >uugghh< Question: was it you that created the ''pocket-knife'' out of the bigz die think its called 'petals'? want to do it and cant find now lol might not of been you was many moons ago I saw it and loved it x



    hi john, read your givaway with interest, also i see you are coming to Colchester for a scan n cut tutorial, i will defo be coming to that when more details appear. in and around Colchester we only have one very small craft shop. its in the town centre and not easy to reach. our only other place was birds in the barn that has closed. we are starved of inperation. i have traveled to ali reeves demos in kettering attend courses. you missed this side of the country when you were out and about in your motorhome. please can we have more details and dates for colchester. i want to book holidays and dont want to miss the event. just finished my last christmas card, only made 60 this year. take care all Eve.



    What a gorgeous giveaway.
    What I am up today? Well, I’m currently trying to tidy up my bedroom/craftroom, and be more organised by labelling eveything. Craftwise, I have just started to make my Christmas Cards, and I am in the middle of embroidering a ‘flower of the year’ redwork quilt kit. Weather is chilly and overcast here in Somerset, and lunch is jacket potato and baked beans. Have a great week. ☺ Serena ☺



    Well John I had an operation 2 weeks ago on my ankle, so activity has been limited, not something that sits well with me. I have been reading and knitting but I am desperate to get paper crafting. I have a lapdog (no not the husband who has been amazing, looking after me and making sure I don’t do too much) so hope to get some colouring done soon. I am out for cake and a coffee with a friend today so that will be great to get out the house. I would love the lovely giveaway ready for when I get back in my craft room/spare bedroom. Best wishes Georgina



    Finally I’ve been published! Yeah!! I confirmed my details via email and it works, told you it was me.

    Had a good day yesterday, no appointments! So I lit the fire, finished my 1980’s style mohair sweater and watched Christmas films. Had a few teary moments which is silly because you know everything will turn out fine.

    Cooked a roast chicken dinner with lots of veg and Yorkshire puddings. It was yummy even if I say so myself. No pudding as I was far too full

    Saw John’s post this morning and thought I’d give it another go as I absolutely love this die. So here I am trying to get a post into the draw and have finally confirmed that I am me

    Good luck everyone – soon be Christmas xx



    I’ve tried commenting previously but haven’t seen my posts being published?? I write an essay to no avail but hey, it must be me not being very good on these sort of things. Good luck everyone! x



    Well like you done recently, I just moved house on Monday, I have a designated craft room which currently looks like a bomb site, so now the challenge begins. I’m afraid there’s no hand made cards this year but roll on next year



    Hi. Today is housework day . Not my favourite thing but has to be done. Enjoy your day xx



    Lovely die, good luck everyone xx



    What a fantastic prize.

    I’m currently working hard on my craft room on Christmas cards and gift boxes, and birthday cards, anniversary cards, and anything else I can think of that might sell on my first craft stall in just over 2 weeks time! I’m going to be raising funds for the rescue centre where we got our Greyhound girl from. We’ve had her just over two years now and she’s made a massive difference to my life, giving me more confidence to go out, with my limited vision. 💕



    Brilliant giveaway John hope I’m lucky 🤞
    I’m off to keep fit later then coffee with friends
    Many thanks for doing these giveaways xx



    This is a great giveaway, thanks John happy crafting



    Hi John…today I shall be mostly clearing away leaves from the garden…think I have a sucky blowy machine somewhere at the back of the shed so I’ll most probably spend a fair amount of time lugging it out…haven’t papercrafted much at all these days as the garden has been a major project but I suppose its creative and certainly theraputic I’ve found since the loss of my husband…anyhoo…as you say!…best get off out there…thank you for the chance to win your a fabulous giveaway John xx



    A great giveaway John, we have been busy decorating so haven’t been able to craft much lately but must start today because I need to make two 70th birthday cards for my bestie & her husband as well as my Christmas cards. Thinking I will only have time for family cards this year & buy the rest. Hope you have a great day crafting Sylv



    Would love to win this fabulous giveaway. Absolutely pouring with rain here. Soon be Christmas. Wishing you a Merry Christmas



    Would love this giveaway, you are so generous John. Weather gray in Berkshire, perfect crafting weather. Recovering from a knee replacement so doing things to past the time.
    Have a great time xx



    Oh I adore handbags, went on a 7 day cruise a few years ago and came home with 7 new handbags. Lol
    Thanks JB for the chance.



    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely die John , I’ve just finished making all my Christmas cards and now I’m on to making the gift bags to put the pressies in . I’m so glad I retired a year ago gives me more time to do what I love . Xxx



    Oooh, yes please, would love that die! How is your lovely next door neighbour, the gorgeous pooch? The photos you post of the dog making itself at home on your sofa or next to the fire always make me smile



    Fabulous giveaway John. For dinner I am having stewing steak mash and veg. Today I need to make a few engagement cards, wrapping paper and clean the house. I also need to make a start on my Christmas cards. Have a great day xx Hazel


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