I Am Happiest Artist Trading Card John B

At My Happiest

It’s been a while, but I can confidently say that I am at my happiest in a long LONG time. In addition, I am never happier than when I am making and creating, which is more often these days – perhaps a link there?

Anyway, it was this ethos that went into this artist trading card.

I Am Happiest Artist Trading Card John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter (1)

The imagery is not particularly relevant, nor is the colour or finish. It was simply to share a sentiment.

In fact, it kinda went wrong the first time around but even this, as has my state of being, turned itself around.

As I have already shared the why I think that I should share the what and the how, too.

This started out with an MDF artist trading card which I coated in white gesso and allowed to dry.

I then spritzed the entire thing in water and dropped a single drop of four colours of Colorex watercolour ink and allowed to spread and dry.

The original plan, which started out well, was to spritz and dry a couple more times for a mottled effect and then to adhere a vinyl word, smile, to it.

I got this far, and then, when I started to dry brush some wax paste on top, the sentiment lifted and took some watercolour with it.

I fully removed the sentiment and then spritzed the entire thing with water again, hoping this would remove the shadow that was left, and left it to dry.

This didn’t quite work as, when it had dried, there was a bleached shadow of the word.

Accepting this, and working with it, I inked up the large rose design and stamped it over this.

Now, that actually worked. I loved the way the soft sentiment sat behind the rose.

I Am Happiest Artist Trading Card John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter (4)

Cool, eh?

Anyway, after applying the Tim Holtz sentiment and coating it in Dimensional Magic, I began to add a little sparkle with a Sakura Gelly Roll pen.

The result? Something quite lovely.

Time to stop before it all goes wrong.

What do you think?

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

17 thoughts on “At My Happiest

  1. I love this ATC the colour tones are very soothing but also refreshing, like the beginning of spring with all it has to offer. Very pleased to hear you are feeling happy and enjoying what you do because that’s how your posts make me feel…..so it’s a win win all round. We are all in this together and grow with each other’s support. Karen x

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  2. So lovely to hear you’re feeling so happy. That seems to be the effect being creative has on most people. Long may it continue. You bring so much joy into our lives so it’s only fitting that you are in such a happy place. I came home from work feeling fed-up after a rubbish day, reading your blog has really cheered me up.Love your ATC, it’s amazing how things can turn out right in the end through something accidental. Stay happy. Kath X

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  3. Great John to hear you are feeling happy , thought so when I read your posts but it’s always good to hear from the man himself LOL. I have it also when I am creating and making or only thinking how I am going to make something I am happier.
    So you have made the right choices the last few years and you benefit from them now.
    Thanks for this happy post and your awesome ATC.

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  4. I love that you kept going with what you had until it turned into something you found joy in. I’ve been doing some mindful art journalling, which has really helped me to quieten my inner critic and make the best of things I create, so this post really resonates with me! Thanks for sharing x

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  5. This is really beautiful, just like life sometimes it doesn’t always run smoothly but if we don’t let it overwhelm us or give up in the end it comes right and we can find something more special.
    God bless.
    What was the stamp that you used?

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    • Oh! Silly me probably forgot to pop that in, and now I can’t remember. I know it’s one of my favourites and that the lovely lady that designed it is very talented and lovely – hmmm, seems my mind is all a blank at the moment. Sorry!


  6. Hi John. I am delighted you are feeling your happiest and also that you are upbeat enough to be able to acknowledge it too! I hope the sun continues to shine on you inside and out. Love this work too. “You” doesn’t have to be a person it can be whatever lifts you. Long may it continue. Take care x

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  7. It is lovely, you wouldn’t believe that you hadn’t intended to make this image originally. The shadow in the background adds depth and I love the rose image.
    All in all a success.

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