Scan N Cut Saturday – Creating A Greeting Card With An Internal Gift Pocket In Canvas Workspace

Staying with the theme of creating greeting cards from scratch, this week I will share with you how to create a card with an internal gift pocket, you know, for loadsa money or whatever.

Here is how the finished project looks in Canvas Workspace.

Canvas Workspace Tutorial

When the project is closed up the pocket sits inside the card and you can then slip in loads of cash or an I.O.U – whichever you fancy.

Card Preview

Video coming up shortly…

Right, let’s get cracking.

Hope you enjoyed that and will find it useful in the future.

Any comments or questions about this post or video can either be left here or over on YouTube.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again next time :)

Bye for now.

J :)

7 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Saturday – Creating A Greeting Card With An Internal Gift Pocket In Canvas Workspace

    • Aye, but its not a competition and some folk are unable to use a scoreboard so enabling them is a good thing, surely?
      This wasn’t intended as a replacement for an established technique, just a starting point for folk to leap off from with these machines.
      Finally, I only have to do it once.


  1. Great idea John – thanks for sharing with us. You make everything possible and not daunting by showing each stage so well. Thanks again. Liz X

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  2. I like these John, because I will sit and watch when they are put in front of me, where I don’t often think to watch videos normally. The basic ones are beginning to lead me to getting a bit more adventurous. Thanks xx

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