Creating A Greeting Card With Text On The Edge In Canvas Workspace GC

Scan N Cut Saturday – Creating A Greeting Card With Text On The Edge In Canvas Workspace

Another quick and clever technique for you this week as part of the Scan N Cut Saturday series. This time adding text to the edge of a greeting card – we will make the card too!

Here is the project as finished in Canvas Workspace.

When the card is closed the text will sit within the perimeter of the card. No need for complicated mirroring that way ;)

Ok, video in a mo.

I also have quite an archive of blog posts relating to this machine so if you would like to have a look through those, here are a few links for you.

Also, if you did not know, I now have a full Scan N Cut workshop available over on Udemy which will give you all that you need to know about this amazing machine. Click on the image below to pop over and find out more.

Online Brother Scan N Cut Workshop

Right, let’s get cracking.

Hope you enjoyed that and will find it useful in the future.

Any comments or questions about this post or video can either be left here or over on YouTube.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again next time :)

Bye for now.

J :)

14 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Saturday – Creating A Greeting Card With Text On The Edge In Canvas Workspace

  1. Hi John, can you help I can not see how you removed the outline of the word. May be something I should already know. I can follow the rest of the instructions thanks for all your support. Janx

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      • Hi John, While watching the video you say about separating the word of choice into individual letters and grouping and also removing the outline. On the video it looks as if the dark cutting line has disappeared. I can not see what action you did to remove the outline. If I do not remove the outline I still seem to be able to weld the words to the side of the card. Just wondered how to and what affect removing the outline had. jan


  2. Thank you for the video. I too am still learning and very much appreciate your help videos. One question. Why did you remove the excess nodes?

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  3. Morning thank you for this….2 things if I may ask…first you said the centre line is a dashed cut line but i think you may have meant fold line and 2nd can I ask why you used the 3rd square don’t quite get that ? Thank you.

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    • Hi Roseann, yes the dashed cut line is the score line. Not sure that changing the wording would make a huge difference but by the sounds of it you managed to get the point so, job done.
      Re the third square, this is so that there will be an overlap over the middle area to allow welding. Sometimes just butting the shapes together doesnt always facilitate an effect weld. Hope this helps :)


      • I was just unsure if you were splitting the first 2 squares again and the 3rd was to make it larger in some way…there is a lot about using canvas i do not totally understand and have a lot of issues when trying to remove or add bits I either loose them or they don’t join whether i overlap a lot or a little…..I’m just easy confused with it all you make it sound clear but when i try …nope I just keep trying just need time to practice more ­čśĆ I do appreciate all your postings they are very helpful, thank you.

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