Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (7)

Grateful For Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti

Had a lovely day yesterday and, because I know what a creative lot you are, I thought that I would share some pictures of the day.

The event was held at SWG3 in Glasgow. It’s a multifunctional event space. I’ve been a couple of times. There’s often something to go and see.

Yardworks, the title of the event, and it was to host a group of graffiti artists doing their thing.

The sun was shining – which was a good sign to start with.

As I walked up to the event other folk were already arriving too and there were many already enjoying the event. There was also some of the artworks already being created.

Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (23)

Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (26)

Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (13)

Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (11)

After a short queue and paying my squids, I walked through into the indoor area.

Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (12)

Here there was a bar, kids activities and a stall selling merchandise from the event organisers and many of the artists.

Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (17)

To get to the ourdoor yard where the artists were at work I headed through the hall, stopping to admire the GARGANTUAN wall art that was currently in progress.

Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (16)

Such awesome levels of talent and skill!

From there it was outside and onto the many different artists at work on their own unique and creative displays.

Honestly, I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the creative abilities of these guys.

It has inspired me to book onto the next Glasgow Graffiti tour so when I do that I’ll try and share some pictures of that too.

What do you think? Some folk see this form of art as a bad thing – personally, I love it! How about you?

As it was a sunny day I decided to have some lunch in the open air and enjoy it as much as possible so I wandered into Finnieston and came across the Ox & Finch restaurant.

Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti (2)

There were some amazingly creative things on the menu – most of which I had to google – but eventually found some wonderfully tasty nosh and settled in for a good old nibble.

Think my favouitre was the almond and rhubard olive oil cake.


Anyhoo, the rest of the day was spent chatting and getting slightly redder than normal thanks to the sun so not much more to report here so I hope that you enjoyed the brief update.

How are things going with you? Good I hope.

See you all again soon.

J :)


15 thoughts on “Grateful For Gorgeous Grub And Gargantuan Graffiti

  1. only wish I could do art like that. Visited Glasgow when it was sunny had a great time, saw the mackintosh exhibits they made me cry as I’d only ever seen Mackintosh art in books ,seeing it all in true scale was incredible. Glad you had a great day, food looked scrumptious.

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  2. To call the art you photographed graffiti seems to me wrong. They are really works of art that would enhance some of the drab areas of citys and towns around the UK. Not always sunny days here so the bright colours would lift the gloomy days. Thanks for sharing have a good week. Janx


  3. Looks fantastic John and on our doorstep, my granddaughter is studying art, she is going to Aberdeen uni in September, she was telling me she was going to this at the arches when we went to the Rennie Macintosh exhibition the other week, Glad you enjoyed it and Glasgow is great especially when the weather is kind to you.
    Nancyd xx

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  4. So glad you had such a wonderful day. Superb art and nice to see like minded people given a canvas to display their talent. The food looked fantastic.

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  5. Hi John

    I adore street art, Mister took me to an exhibition at Snape Maltings last year called Masters of Invention, about the history of grafitti and street art. I love it when we go to London for hospital, one of our journeys goes past Cable Street, another, on a bus takes us through a large part of central London and the other passengers look at me like I’m a mad woman as Mister and I point out to each other what we see. I also dabbled in my teenage years though nothing like as good as the artists in your pictures. I would love you to take pictures of the tour share John, Mister and I would love to do the London one but it would take military precision planning… One day 😉 I have to do mine on canvas when I’m fit but I’m considering doing the fence panels in the garden! Soon as I’ve recovered from the expense of needing 3 pairs of glasses I’ll be buying some spray paint 😎

    Hope everyone is doing well, big hugs,

    T x

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  6. It looked like you had a great day out.
    Glad that you enjoyed yourself.
    As for the walls with graffiti
    that was great,would loved to have been there.

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  7. This art is fabulous John! It’s a world away from some of the graffiti on the walls in Liverpool :o)

    I hope you were wearing a hat …. it’s easy to burn your noggin with a short ‘do’ like yours! Clare x

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