John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter Early May Update

Bye Bye Beard, Hello Bournemouth, Get Me Nick Knowles, Get Knotted And Ooh, Get That Loo!

Hello, my lovely blogettes. How are you? Good, I hope.

Well, the astute among you will have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here for a bit.

There have been a fair few reasons. If you fancy finding out what’s been going on … read on!

It’s fairly random. Stay with it.

Well, the first reason for a lack of action has been a distinct loss of hair.

No, seriously, it came out in droves. In about 48 hours.


May Update - Hair Loss (1)

Doc says it was stress related alopaecia.

Yes, very DIStressing! Practically shabby chic!

Anyhoo, I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad as long as it stayed on the top of me noggin because I could shave that.

As if sensing my plan however my beard decided to then come out in sympathy – the little git!

May Update - Hair Loss (2)

So, now that spring is here, and as a result of not having much choice in the matter, it was time for a good old sheer.

Don’t panic though, I have my disguise ready…

May Update - Hair Loss (3)

Haha! No but seriously, the trim has made for a fresh feeling for sure.

May Update - Decorating (1)

Managed to keep the tash at least and now on some treatment to see if I can get the beard back.

Oh, as you see, the decorating has finally started. More on that later because as soon as I had finished that particular patch of painting it was time to get all of the stuff ready and make the 7-hour train trek down to Bournemouth for the final Scan N Cut beginners workshop.

May Update - Bournemouth (1)

We don’t half get through some card on those things but it’s always a joy to see a rainbow stack of crisp clean cardstock.

Stupidly, again, I didn’t get any photos of the day but I was super grateful to all of the ladies that came to this, and all of the other workshops that I have done over the last few months – you’ve really ALL been AWESOME!

I also hope that you’ve remembered all of your new skills and are making good use of your machines.

So, with that done, and the ‘diagnosis’ of being stressed – although I still can’t think why as things have been good – I decided to do what any self-respecting Brit would do in that situation and take a short break by the sea.

The air is very good for ‘one’, I was told, by a Victorian lady.

It was actually a very good idea as it is one of the very few days this year where the sun shone.

I got to see the lovely beach, giant deck chairs, colourful and decorative beach huts, some great architecture and also sup coffee in the warm air.


Also got to eat some delicious nosh.


And see a rather unique toilet – no, seriously! Look!

Told ya. Lol!

Glad that I got to do all of that before the REAL Spring weather kicked in …

… yup, massive downpour and HUGE thunderstorm.

It was rather cool! :)

Anyhoo, back off up north I went and back to the decorating. It’s coming along. Slowly.

Like the colour? Did warn you a while back that the walls were going to be grey didn’t I? Well, technically this is a colour called ‘Mineral Stone’.

It’s quite unusual as it turns different shades of grey depending on the light source that it is absorbing. Not sure that it’s supposed to, but it does!

I found this colour as I spotted it on someone’s – soz, forgot who! – Facebook/Insta/Twitter being used to paint chairs and I was very taken with it. Odd how these things happen isn’t it? Serendipidous almost.

Other rooms are starting to see some organisation too. I managed to have a good old sort out of the craft room and built some shelves – originally intended for the lounge – and turned them into a prep/storage unit.


Currently waiting on a bit of wood that I am having custom cut for the top to make for a more stable/usable worktop.

That’ll do for now though.

So, that’s not all that I’ve been up to though.

I have been out to see some movies and for dinner. I have also been away to visit my four legged niece …


She’s rubbish at selfies but awesome at posing. Such a gorgeous little puppy :)

I think that I REALLY need to get one for me soon, my puppy daddy clock is ticking!

I have also still been making stuff but I’ve been trying to take my time over it rather than rush it for the sake of it. Been enjoying learning new skills too.


There has been more MDF designing and decorating and also I have been getting to grips with Paracord bracelet making. Blog posts for all of this will be out in the not too distant future.

I am also looking to start a personal project using a 3D papercrafting pattern that I found to make a galloping horse bust to hang on the wall in the lounge – when I finally finish it. I’ve got everything printed and will start cutting the pieces in the evening as a little wind down project before bed and then when it’s time I can assemble it and mount it on the wall – might get a bit of MDF cut into a plaque shape!


Hey, listen, this might sound a lot, but for me, this has been cut right back – maybe the doctor did have a point after all…?

Lol, well, this morning I have to annoy the neighbours and start sanding down the woodwork before I paint it so I had best left you get on with your Sunday morning – whatever it is you do – and get to it!

Thanks for stopping by, look forward to bringing your more bits and pieces in the near future.

Until then – ciao ciao!

J :)

60 thoughts on “Bye Bye Beard, Hello Bournemouth, Get Me Nick Knowles, Get Knotted And Ooh, Get That Loo!

  1. I echo all that everyone has said. I do so miss your blogs, so glad you are back. Just a though your little icon on the blog needs a shave to match you now.
    Take care Jan

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  2. Thank you for a great day at Bournemouth, met some lovely people and had an enlightening day with my Scan n’cut. Looking forward to the next class in November. Hope we didn’t add to your stress and that you’re feeling revitalise after your trip south. Look after yourself and keep being awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi John
    Love the new look ! Sorry about the stress though! Always love your blog – such lovely ideas. Wishing you lots of health and happiness

    Liked by 1 person

  4. John, never mind anything else, I LOVE THE NEW LOOK YOU!!! So don’t stress – embrace, you look fab. Have missed your posts so it’s nice to have you back. X

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  5. missed your posts John, so sorry to hear about the stress, I’m sure people dont realise how awful stress and anxiety are. My daughter was so bad she temporarily lost her vision. Along with counselling, getting her pug has made such a difference. I wish you well, health and happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi John, glad your back and your new style looks great, stress is a funny old thing and you never know when it’s going to hit. Glad your back up and running and looking forward to seeing more of you again.
    Nancyd xx

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  7. Bugger about the hair … but you have such a great looking head that it actually suits you. I agree with another comment maker – grow the moustache into handlebars. I wish I’d have known that you were coming down to Dorset, I could have recommended a male salon which my son-in-law goes to, not far from where I live. They’re brilliant in there and make my s-i-law look incredible!

    Hope that you had a good time while you were here – and that you took the chance for a ride/walk through Sandbanks and drooled at some of the properties.

    Fabulous post, filled with interest, fun, and your personality. Love it.
    Take very good care John.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  8. Hi John lovely to hear you are enjoying your ‘new’ crafts and looking good to boot. Looking forward to your house warming party when the decorating is all done ha ha.
    Look after yourself, although seeing your ‘new self’ you seem to have got that covered….good on ya. Karen X

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  9. Loved your missive, brilliant in Bournmouth went there quite a few years ago. Sorry about the hair loss, like the new look, but take care xx

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  10. Hi John sorry to hear about you being stressed and your hair loss. Take it easy and have a break. I thought I’d not had an email from you for awhile. It suits you as you are now though too. You look great to me. Hope your not taking on too much and you get chance to relax. Take care. Jenny xx

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  11. Have a woofer whilst you are still young enough to look after it. Sadly my doggie days are over and I do miss the company especially now I am a widow.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The first thing to do before becoming a doggy parent is to set up your support network, you need at least one dogsitter you can rely on for the times you can’t take your dog with you to do courses etc. We go for older dogs, our current one is a twelve year old lurcher, who we got from the little rescue LurcherSOS when she was ten, her predecessor was eleven when we got her. Older dogs are perfect company, happy to plod along beside you, or keep you company while crafting, and they don’t worry what your hair looks like!

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  12. YAY! You iz back. Hmmm my hair fell out bug styles when I was six…had lits so didn’t look bald and dic said it was result if two bug changes, moving house and school though I didn’t feel stressed.
    Ever since it continues to fall out with varying degrees of how much but I have long hair and loss us universal so never really noticeable…umm not on my head but certainly around my home…me and the dog compete as to who’s moult is clogging the hoover : )
    Oih while I an here…quick tip…if your carpets are firmly fitted, stick on shies with a trainer styles sole then scrape each foot backwards alternating, dragging the resulting hair balk together.. .good clean up n fan work out for calves, thighs buttocks and abdomen!
    A win win umm unless you pull carpet away from grippers sshhh!
    Living your work.

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  13. Hi John

    Was wondering what you were up to. You’re dealing with the alopecia really well, the new look is awesome, you need to grow your tash out, go the full handlebar, I’ll even buy you the wax and you’ll have the real gentleman’s moustache!

    Horizontal again, spine and neurology giving me a bit of a kicking so my 4 legged helper and I are lounging in a cool bedroom so no long message, just glad you’re mostly ok and got fun things to do like decorating and scan n cut workshops

    Big hugs, T x

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  14. Hi John, sorry to hear that the stress elements of life are causing problems. As good as the advice to take some time out is, it doesn’t always eliminate the stress we can find in every day living. We all have different ways of dealing with our stress monsters and my aim has always been to reduce the monster down to the size of a small pet …. Maybe a hamster 🐹🐭🐒 still manages to be a bit more like a miniature monkey at times though! I make lists …. Every time my mind works overtime I make lists. Lists for home lists for business and now the kids have grown up there is even a list for me. Things get done at a comfortable pace in order of importance, but the best thing is I by making the list I have convinced my mind and body that I have already dealt with it! When stress monster finds who’re things to throw at me I add them to the list. It isn’t perfect but boy does it help. Don’t forget to love yourself. You are worth it.


  15. Great words and photos. I love to learn/try out new crafts. The paracord bracelets look great. If you can incorporate the responsibility of a dog into your life for its lifetime (and the financial costs), then please get a rescue dog. So many of all ages/sizes/types waiting for their forever home. Ali x

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  16. Very interesting post, such a group of attractive pics of your holiday! I too contemplated for some time before finding my furry soul mate and ‘just love him to death’. He’s eaten the stuffing from the recliner and holes in the carpet, a very active bugger. Do plenty of research to find a breed most suited to you. Some women find bald men attractive, and prefer less tickles when snuggling face to face. Just thots from across the pond, 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Good morning John. I know that the new look wasn’t intentional BUT I think it is wonderful. My son who is losing his hair ( in his 20”s) tells me this is the style he will opt for.
    Take care of you and keep up the blogging. Grey is supposed to be calming isnt it? Great neutral colour that you can eaaily change to suit your mood too :) I love reading how creative you’ve been – it’s very inspiring. Jx

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Hope you feeling better and relaxed after being on the seaside, lovely pictures!
    I love the colour on your walls and you wrote “t’s quite unusual as it turns different shades of grey depending on the light source that it is absorbing. Not sure that it’s supposed to, but it does!” but that is not unusual. Most of the colours do that. I had once a light green/grey colour blocs made on two different walls and a lot of people didn’t believe it was the same colour. All because of the light. So it is normal and (LOL) you get more colours for one price (LOL).
    Thanks for your update, take good care of yourself and let us know at times how it is wiht you! Have a nice sunday, it is here ( the Netherlands) bright and sunny.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Hi John, don’t worry about the hair, it happened to me twice before I retired, caused by a bullying office manager. Since then I’ve had no problem and it’s all come back. I got told not to worry about the hair, it was much easier to pop my wig on in the morning than messing with blow drying. Just think it will be much cooler for the summer!!! Take care

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  20. I hope you are feeling better, Hair is not every thing and you now look very handsome John, good luck in everything you do and I do enjoy seeing you on C&C

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