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Creating Machine Embroidery For My Home

With time marching on I am realizing that I have got nowhere with decorating the flat that I moved into at the end of the All Counties Challenge last year so, in a bid to get ahead, I thought that I would dedicate some time to creating the things that are going to go on the walls after I have managed to find the time to paint.

Yes, I could spend the time painting instead of making, but where is the fun in that?!

Lol, anyway, I am always enamoured by the look of framed embroidery so defo wanted to give that a go.

Also, what better excuse to actually get the embroidery machine out and get it earning it’s keep!

Later in life I will attempt to design some bits and pieces however with time short I went on the hunt for some ready made designs and eventually googled my way to the Embroidery Library.

Oh. My. Good golly gosh! Quick, hide my wallet!

To say that I was super excited and inspired by their choice of designs was an understatment but I tried to keep my calm and browsed the designs until I found the Create Typography Square.

Create Machine Embroidery 8

There were others but I liked the detail and style of this one in particular. Also, on the day I was browsing, this design was on sale – bargain alert!!!

Anyhoo, I popped a couple of other designs in my basket and whistled through the checkout and onto the downloads page. If you know me, you know that I work with a variety of different electronic creative machines and therefore the hunt for something to download these designs onto, so that I could move them to my embroidery machine, proved a minor challenge but thankfully it was only temporary.

I double checked the design in my PES software and then went off to get the fabric ready.

Now, don’t throw up when I tell you this but I am planning on having grey walls. Yes, grey. I have seen this style in many glossy magazines and genuinely love how soothing and relaxing it is and also how it can be teamed with ANY colour – meaning I will be able to change the home decor without having to repaint!

Laziness wins over all. Lol!

So, you will be unsurprised to know that I, therefore, chose grey fabric.

Create Machine Embroidery 2

I backed this with fusible Vilene H520 as I have found this to work well for embroidery and for using when cutting fabric on the Scan N Cut machine.

There were six different colours in this design so I had a rummage through my collection and, not yet having the Brother range of threads to match the design, I decided to use some of the variegated thread that I seem to have been collecting like a demented magpie.

This I threaded up onto my Brother Innovis 750E

Create Machine Embroidery 5

… loaded up the design, held my breath, and pressed start!

Create Machine Embroidery 3

I still get a little excited each time I fire this beauty up – I even sit and watch it as it stitches!

Create Machine Embroidery 4

The thread colour was changed in between each letter until the design was complete.

Create Machine Embroidery 6


Minor panic ensued though as I realised I might not have a frame or hoop to put it in so I hunted through the ‘stuff’ box and found a cute little needlepoint frame – I think I got it free on the cover of a magazine at some point in history – and it was luckily just the right size!

Mental note – plan this out ahead of the next project. Lol!

So, in less than an hour, I had my first gorgeous bit of wall candy that will go on to feature in the lounge. When it gets done. Eventually.

I think it will look good, don’t you?

Create Machine Embroidery

Right, my friends recently dropped off a load of paint and painting equipment so I really have no excuse any more – best go get my overalls on and make a start.

Or maybe I should pop over to Embroidery Library again, just in case there was an even more awesome design that I have missed …

Many thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one.

Bye for now. See you next time.

J :)


18 thoughts on “Creating Machine Embroidery For My Home

  1. Lovely design John and you could have always patched it into a cushion cover if you hadn’t found the hoop ;)

    Of the many thousand designs I have I almost always use my Embroidery Library ones to ensure perfect stitching. Their sister company – Urban Threads – is great too and theirs designs are a little funkier/edgier. Great freebie on there at the moment too ;)

    If this link works

    it’ll take you to some wall art I made using some EL designs which were showcased on their site.


  2. I love Embroidery Library John. They have wonderful designs and special offers every week. There are lots of sewing designs. They also have lots of project videos. Love what you did with this design John. You will not stop now! I always watch it sew too.


  3. Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous plus anything else you can think of that fits. I don’t have an embroidery machine but I do do hand embroidery and cross stitch. My current cross stitch project is a white tiger – 75 different colours and 16 A4 sheets to the design pattern. Challenging but I think it will be lovely when it’s finished on my grey walls!


  4. Good for you John just as I was addicted to machine embroidery for many years I regularly spent more than I should at Embroidery Library and many other sites. Now I’m into paper crafts as well. No hope for my addictions.

    Liked by 1 person

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