Happy New Year!!

Well, 2017 has been and gone – but has it prepared us for 2018?

During 2017 there have been many changes in the big wide world. Some scarey, some confusing. The important thing is that we have all made it through. Yaaaay!

If you read this blog regularly you will know that 2017 brought me many, many changes too.

I completed the All Counties Craft Challenge, got nominated for several industry awards, moved home to a different country (technically and literally), began a fitness and eating program to better my general health and also started a new episode in my life as a freelance creative professional.

Phew! Not really sure there was any other aspect of life left that could have had some change applied to it! For someone that was literally locked in by anxiety a couple of years back, I’d say that there has been progress. :)

Did it all go smoothly? No, Lol! Despite this, and thanks in a large part to you, I am grateful to 2017 for showing me what is possible in life and I am now looking forward to seeing what can be achieved in 2018.

Am I ready for it? I’ve made certain preparations. Will it go smoothly? Unlikely. Will we get through it? Most assuredly my good friends!

Hehehe. I guess this means, yes?

Shall we do it together again? I’ll be hear, nattering on about various things – will you pop back throughout the year too? I’d love to hear from you.

Anyway, I’d best trot on now, I hope that 2018 brings you happiness and many happy memories!

Ciao for now!

J :)

41 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Belated Happy New Year greetings to you John and your followers, lets look forward to a happy, healthy and fulfilling year ahead full of lots of crafting of course, and love and laughter to accompany it all.

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  2. Happy New Year John. I hope you continue to enjoy your life in Scotland, and that all those positive changes and achievements from 2017 will keep you moving onwards and upwards in the coming year. Best wishes from Inverness, Susan

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  3. Just adding my New Year wishes, John – still working my way through last year’s Mandalas! Hope to see some more this year. Warmest wishes from a slightly chilly Glasgow!

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  4. Hi John Happy New Year to you too. Your journey last year was no small achievement which could have thrown any mere mortal off kilter but you plowed your way through and came out with plans, goals and dreams……wow that’s amazing.
    I always enjoy the start of a new year…..especially here in Oz where the temperatures are in the 30’s with clear blue skies and day long sunshine lol….because I can reboot my life with the many choices I have. Having the freedom of choice is a valuable asset which I am so grateful for each and every day.
    So we can go forward, one day at a time and enjoy the experience and yes I’m with you and l am looking forward to embracing new ideas.
    Keep smiling
    Karen x

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  5. Dear John, first many thanks for all the time, effort, idea’s and great tutorial video’s you made for us in the past year.
    I wish you a healthy, happy, creative 2018 and may your dreams come true!

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  6. Hi John, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2018. The highlight of 2017 was meeting you and undertaking a craft workshop with you, at a time when I was suffering from work related anxiety and depression. I’ve followed your journey and like us all you’ve had set backs, but with sheer determination you’ve achieved such a lot. Not only for yourself but you’ve increased other people’s awareness of Mental Health and its impact on individuals as well as their families.
    I wish you all the very best 2018 has to offer and wish you continuing success in all that you do. Take care and look after you x

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  7. A very happy new year to you John. You’re very brave to have taken such a huge leap. It Just shows what you can do if you really try. Good luck and good health in 2018. Love reading your blog. . Gloria.

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