Working With Free Projects In Scan N Cut Canvas

April 22, 2017 — 14 Comments

Ever wondered what the free projects in Brother Scan N Cut Canvas are and how to access them – ponder no longer!

If you have not seen the free projects available then it might be worth hopping over to the Scan N Cut Canvas for a wee look. There are now over 100 free projects each with unique cutting files, video overview and a step by step PDF to help you through.

They are a great way of getting to know your machine whilst enjoying the creative process.

Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, and know someone else that it would interest then please don’t forget to share it.

Many thanks for stopping by – see you again soon with another peek into the world of digital crafting.

J :)

14 responses to Working With Free Projects In Scan N Cut Canvas


    Hi John. Have you noticed that imported ‘trace’ jpg’s etc have changed. There is also a pop up which states: ‘Do you want to paste the selected image on the work area. The image cannot be edited and saved’ Does this change how we may edit and/or the quality of the import ?
    BTW thank you for all of your support with the Brother Scan and Cut



    Hi John, thanks for all your videos, I’ve watched a few now but can’t find the answer to my problem. I’ve got the new shaped cards usb, vol 2 and wanted to do the racing car. The only way I could cut the additional three wheels was to use canvas, deleted everything else apart from wheel, but when I came to cut them again there weren’t any perforation lines – What am I doing wrong, please. Kind regards Chris

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    Val Hogan-Buckle April 23, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Thank you John, have had the scan n cut wrapped up under the bed for a long time now, maybe I should get it out and try again, I can cut from the USB but the Canvas just freaks me out as I am not too literate on tech stuff. Any thoughts on running a day course for silly people like me to get to grips with it all>
    Val H-B

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    Thanks John. The video was very helpful. Not used the Scan n Cut Canvas yet. Thought it was difficult to log in. You made it look simple. Will have a try and get back

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    Many thanks John, a very useful video as I’m not that good with canvas x

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    Thanks John. I’ve had a scan and cut since it was first launched and love it but haven’t tried canvas yet. Doesn’t look as scary as I thought! Thanks again. Liz X

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    Thank you again John.
    Nice to know canvas can
    be altered.
    Loved your download.

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    great new video on how to download and take a part did not know you could do this

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    Thank you John, helpful as always :)

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    Hazel Southwell April 22, 2017 at 8:29 am

    How do I make my ScanNcut 300 into a wifi


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