Doodle Journal 4

Would you like to see my latest entry in the Doodle Journal?

Good job that I got it finished then, lol!

Fresh page – page 4 – and off I went. First drawing in a series of lines that crossed over each other, then adding parallel lines.

Some of the lines were then erased to make it look like these ‘bars’ were crossing over each other.


Time to ink in the lines. Used a Uniball Signo pen for this one. Nice crisp black lines achieved and no bleeding under the ruler. Perfect!


Thinking about what to do with the ‘bars’ I reached for the pencil and ruler and started marking in sections along the length of each ‘bar’.


Decided not to change these much so inked them in.

Noticed that I did closer lines on the back ‘bars’. I hope that this would give a sense of depth as pattern is smaller the further away it is.

Did it work?


Maybe I need to do a little more to this before that becomes evident. A little background doodling first.

Chose a triple line basket weave pattern and did it randomly into each of the sections that were left around the ‘bars’.

Didn’t pencil these in, just went straight in with the pen – I know, how brave?!


Back to the ‘bars’ and inked in alternate sections across all of the bars with the Uniball Signo pen.


Probably saw a start on the pencil shading in the background there too.

To give these bars a little dimension I marked in a white highlight on each of the black sections with a Uniball Signo white pen.


It’s coming along nicely.

What next? Hmmm, choices choices. Didn’t really have much time ahead to finish this one so decided to go with block colour but didn’t want bland so went for a Uniball Signo gold pen and filled in the blocks that were left on the ‘bars’ after the black areas were finished.


Mmmm, shiney!

Probably easier to see in this picture…



Time to add some shading. Back to the gold old classic HB pencil and I shaded around the edges of each of the basket weave sections working dark to light as I moved away from the ‘bars’.

It became a tad too dark so I also erased some of the shaded area before I was happy with it.


To finish I created a dark black border with a brush pen and then added a thin gold line around the inner edge of that.


Done! Gorgeous. Love it.


Page 4 done!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that this post was of interest to you.

What did you think? Would you have done this differently?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Catch you again soon.

J :)


10 thoughts on “Doodle Journal 4

  1. Fabulous, John. This definitely is up there with your best…you must have a lot of time on your hands in order to produce such gorgeous work. LOL…


  2. I love this one – the depth really shows and it makes a change to have colour with the Zentangle – very brave! Thanks for the inspiration you give to us all. Liz X


  3. Brill job John! Love it. You are very clever, thank you for sharing. I don’t know what inspired you for this design but it really worked. The 3D dimension is amazing. I’ve not done anything like this myself but admire what others do. With your inspiration I may just have a go one day!


  4. Fantastic John, Thank you. Very interesting to see the whole journey from start to finish. Also just how many different steps there were to the final finished doodle. It reminds me of so many things from a car workshop, to ker plunk, (not sure on spelling) dropped drinking straws and the crossing ladies lollipop stick pole. Very thought provoking. I saw your first one, I must look T what has come in between. Thank you for your efforts and sharing.


  5. Cracking John…….it’s got me itching to do something similar. You’re such an inspirational guy, if you don’t mind me saying so. Karen x


  6. It’s fab John! Looks so dimensional it seems like you could reach in and pick up one of the bars. Love the gold on there. These doodle pages are extremely interesting, thank you for sharing them x


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